College is just around the corner. Most of you have probably already gone, but if you’re a late leaver like me, the realization of how much you still have to do in the next two days is hitting you like a ton of bricks. Although you’ve probably asked yourself (and your mother) 500 questions already, here are some of the top twenty statements college students probably say while packing the day before they leave.

1. How is all of this going to fit in the car?

2. Do I really have to bring all of this cleaning supplies?

3. No mom, fifteen T-shirts is not enough for an entire semester.

4. Yes, I know there is a washing machine.

5. What if I decide to dress up for class?

6. Is this can opener really necessary?

7. Am I really going to want to eat all these healthy snacks I bought yesterday?

8. Do I have enough command strips to hang all of this?

9. What if they lose my stuff when they carry it up?

10. Will I have enough room for all of this in my dorm?

11. Six dresses ought to be enough, right?

12. I’m definitely going to need all four of these makeup palettes.

13. You can never take too many athletic shorts, right?

14. Do I really have room for these giant rain boots?

15. What if it gets cold before I come home for fall break?

16. Did I pack my toothbrush already?

17. Why did I pack so much makeup?

18. This is never going to fit in the car or in my room

19. I think I’m forgetting everything.

20. There’s a Target close to campus, right?

Welcome to college kids, there’s nothing more fun than trying to shove your whole life into one car while saying goodbye to everyone around you. Enjoy.