14 Anxiety-Ridden Thoughts You Have While Watching 'Chopped'
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14 Anxiety-Ridden Thoughts You Have While Watching 'Chopped'

DO NOT use it as a garnish.

14 Anxiety-Ridden Thoughts You Have While Watching 'Chopped'

I take reality shows a little too seriously sometimes, but cooking shows are where I absolutely go off the wall. A classic staple in my favorites is "Chopped." To be honest, I'm not sure why I constantly watch this show because it fills me with nothing but chest pain

I know I can't be the only one who ends up screaming at the T.V. and gets death glares from the rest of their family who is trying to have a quiet evening, so here are some elements of the show that send me up a wall.

1. *two minutes left on the clock* "I decided that I'm going to make ice-cream"

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THIS IS WHY EVERY PERSON BEFORE YOU HAS FAILED. You don't have the time, please take the L and move on before you serve cold soup!

2. Just looking at someone and knowing that they're about to overcook something

Call it chef's intuition. I can't cook, but I sure know that you're about to burn the underside of that lamb.

3. Looking at someone's bad plating and wondering who taught them anything about presentation

This is...this is really bad. You BETTER hope that your flavor counteracts with it.

4. "I forgot a key ingredient, but I think I'm gonna be okay"

They aren't suggestions for your meal, Linda! You kind of have to have them.

5. When the person you were rooting for gets chopped within the first two rounds

What am I supposed to do for the rest of the episode? Root for Bert? I hate his attitude, that's why I didn't pick him in the first place.

6. Instantly getting annoyed when a person you hate goes to the finals

The judges are obviously sick and have defective taste buds today or something.

7. But rejoicing when they end up losing

Second place is the first loser. SEE YA.

8. Trying to imagine what you would decide to make in the split seconds you have before the round begins

I can make tacos, spaghetti and maybe some microwavable rice if I'm feeling elegant.

9. Feeling your heart rate accelerate when you hear "Chefs, open your baskets"

What's inside what's inside what's inside

10. Wanting to protect the children on Chopped Jr. but wanting to scream at them at the same time

You are BETTER THAN THIS, Cindy! Get your act together.

11. "I am a professional, definitely one of the best in my field"

I bet.

12. The pang you get in your chest when your favorite chef is being ripped to shreds

Just rip my heart out, why don't ya?

13. Getting ready to chuck your remote when a chef says they're going to use the key ingredient as a garnish

Did you even watch this show before?

14. Realizing that you've been glued to your couch for eight hours and you ironically forgot to eat

Because watching other people make food is so much better than actually making it yourself.

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