This past week for college students has been absolute hell. It has been an insane amount of stress, studying, and too much caffeine. There are a lot of things that are probably going through your head while you are in this mild zone of panic and stress. I mean, I know that I was full of so many emotions, I didn't know what to do with all of them. But the important thing to remember is that when the week is over, it's completely done. You have absolutely nothing to worry about other than getting the chance to relax and go home and play with your pet if you have one. The holidays that come after finals are definitely the thing that keeps most of us going. Because of this, I have compiled a list of things that go through your head while you are trying to finish up finals for the semester.

"Hopefully the professor likes me enough to personally go in and change my grade to something higher."

"I probably should have gone to class rather than skip all those times so I would actually know the material."

"I probably should have taken notes or listened more in the class."

"There is something fundamentally wrong with packing all of my finals into one week."

"My head is too small for the amount of information that I have to cram into it."

"Is that really my 6th cup of coffee today?"

"Is it really 3am already?"

"I should really stop watching Netflix and start studying."

"I should not worry about cleaning the house now, I should probably study."

"Literally going to Walmart for no other reason but to get out of the house is not the best option at the moment."

"Death and dying would be a better option."

"I don't think I want to be in college anymore."

"Why should I pay all this money for no other reason than to torture myself during finals?"

"Do I honestly need more take out? I could just eat healthy. I would feel a lot better."

"Well, I definitely failed that final."

"I only have like 500 more words to write for this essay. Might as well wait to do it until later. It won't be that hard. "

"That was a mistake"

"I'm going to be better prepared for the next final."

"I am going to do nothing but focus for this exam and not let anything distract me."

"Well, there's always next semester."

Finals are always the worst part of the semester. But at least it's all over now and we can celebrate by gorging ourselves with food and fun with the upcoming holidays! Have a great break everyone!