10 Thoughts Every Student Has The Last Weeks Of The Semester

We've made it past midterms and Thanksgiving and we're almost to winter break but not before those dreaded finals. These last two weeks of the semester will push every student to the breaking point and will challenge us in more ways than ever before.

1. When you realize you haven't started the final project you've had all semester to complete.

You told yourself you would have it finished before finals came.....yet here you are.

2. Starting to study for your exams and realizing you don't remember half of the information.

Did we really learn this? Are they making this up?

3. Trying to decide whether to eat or sleep.

Sleeping and eating are taking up too much time but you can't survive without them.

4. When you finally do get food, you eat everything in sight.

Chicken, chili, and cheesecake? Sounds acceptable.

5. Your appearance is the last thing on your mind.

Did I sleep in these clothes? When did I last wash my hair? The world may never know.

6. Taking every opportunity you can to nap.

Sometimes you have to stop everything and just take a nap.

7. Walking into the first exam.

You've given yourself the pep talk that you can do anything!

8. And walking out of the last exam.

Well, that didn't go as expected.

9. Telling yourself it's OK if you fail.

Everyone works at their own pace right?

10. Realizing the semester is over

You're finally free....until the next semester starts.

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