31 Thoughts Every Commuter Student Has On The Bus Ride To School
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Student Life

31 Thoughts Every Commuter Student Has On The Bus Ride To School

The wheels in my mind go round and round...

31 Thoughts Every Commuter Student Has On The Bus Ride To School

If you are the typical college student like myself, you are definitely too cheap to pay for parking on campus every day. Because of this, you have probably dealt with your fair share of public transportation — I know I have. Over the past two years of taking the bus at least twice a day every school day, I have gotten into quite the routine. I get on, and I sit.

Yes, I know, quite the complicated routine.

In that 16-minute ride to school, I kind of just let my mind run wild. You've probably done the same. Here is a glimpse into the thoughts that constantly run through my mind every morning:

1. Why do you have to wear a seatbelt in the car but not on the bus?

2. Why do you have to sit down in a car but not a bus?

3. Why do they put the handrails so high in buses?

4. Can that be considered height discrimination?

5. It's so cute when bus drivers wave as they pass other bus drivers.

6. Is it rude to move seats when you're sitting next to a stranger and a full row opens up?

7. Should I pull the rope to tell the bus driver to stop? Or is that too eager? Will someone else pull it?

8. Wait, is this the right bus?

9. I could just not get off today. I could just go home.

10. Does the bus driver get annoyed when every student gets off and says "thank you"? Or do they think it's sweet?

11. Did I leave my curling iron on?

12. How long would it actually take for the house to burn down because of my curling iron?

13. I wonder what the person next to me is listening to on their headphones.

14. Dang it, I forgot my headphones.

15. Wait, I have a spare pair somewhere deep in my backpack.

16. DANG, they're for my old phone... I should never have upgraded.

17. Did people use to actually speak to each other on the bus before cell phones were invited?

18. Or did they just read newspapers and still ignore each other?

19. How many people can you legally fit onto this bus?

20. I've never been this smushed in my life.

21. Can you die of claustrophobia?

22. I know there's a sign saying 'no food allowed' but will the bus driver actually kick me off if I finish this piece of toast?

23. Is that dude drinking out of an open coffee mug? Bold.

24. I should have stayed in bed and watched Netflix all day.

25. When does the next season of "Queer Eye" come out?

26. I need to paint my nails so badly, oh my god.

27. Really? You're fitting more people on this freaking bus?

28. Is it weird if I ask the girl I'm cemented to what perfume she's wearing? It's lovely.

29. Are you kidding me, people? Move to the back of the bus. It isn't a difficult concept.

30. Oh my god, we're finally here.

31. Oh wait, that actually means I have to go to school now. Ugh.

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