Sometimes. I feel like I am always waiting for life to happen. I feel like I just sit, and contemplate, as these images fly past my vision. Oh wait, that's a car, and that's my time rushing right past me.

In my 20 years of life, I have probably spent a solid year of that standing in the heat and snow, waiting for my fucking bus. It's a never ending cycle of looking for bus stops and religiously studying route maps and times. If you understand my no car struggles, you will have thought these same things:

1. Let's get to the stop 5 minutes early so I don't miss it

2. Wait, did I miss it?

3. Fuck, I did miss it.

4. It's OK I only have to wait 30 minutes for the next one.

5. I wonder what that stain is on the seat...

6. Uh, Excuse me, please stop talking on speaker phone.

7. Why does this person not have shoes on?

8. I am so bored, I am going to make life stories up about people. (You were once a shoemaker and now you sell bracelets to pay for your diabetes medicine.)

9. Why is this person eating a chipotle burrito on the bus?

Why not. Who has time for a table?

10. If I fall asleep, will I miss my stop?

11. Can I leave my trash on the floor without people seeing?

12. Why does this man have his hand down his pants?

13. Fuck, I wish I could afford a car.

14. Is that person homeless, or a hipster?

15. God, why does it smell like this person hasn't showered in a month?

16. That person is hella cute. I gonna sit next to them and make subtly eye contact.

17. Fuck, we almost hit a person.

18. Holy shit, someone I recognize!

19. Why hasn't this person broken eye contact in 5 minutes?

20. I think I accidentally touched someone's butt... or dick.

21. If I wasn't claustrophobic, I am now.

22. Fuck, I left my headphones... again.

23. Imma be so late.

24. I guess this isn't so bad after all, it's cheaper than driving.

25. And... never mind.