No matter what college you attend, there's bound to be student tours somewhat frequent, at popular colleges this is usually daily. Here are seven things that go through the minds of current students seeing prospective students touring.

1. Can they walk any slower?


I'm already five minutes late for my class, let's pick up the pace.

2. Don't throw up in the bushes


Tour guides on Fridays should probably add, "And to the right, we see someone recovering from Thirsty Thursday."

3. They look so young


Are juniors and seniors in high school starting to look younger and younger, or are high schoolers starting to tour colleges as freshmen?

4. Did I look that innocent on my tour, too?

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"Mom, don't ask any questions!"

5. Stop looking at me


Do I look like a worn out mom of three? Just wait until it's your turn to look this rough going to class, kid.

6. Their parents are definitely alumni


You can always see those parents with a t-shirt on with the college's name who tries to one-up the tour guide by adding in more information from when "they were a student."

7. If I were their tour guide it'd be a different kind of informative


"This is the dining hall closest if you live over here. It will also almost never agree with your stomach."

Although they sometimes may walk way too slow, seeing tour groups allows for stimulating thoughts while walking to class, in contrast to the normal observations.