Thoughts on Resident Evil 2: Revelations

I am a huge fan of the Resident Evil games, always have been. I love shooter games, with a story line and a little bit (or I guess a lot) of horror involved. The last Resident Evil game I played was Resident Evil 4, which did not have particularly much horror. Of course it had the usual game scares and whatnot, but it wasn't as frightening. I can fully say that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was actually a lot scarier. Maybe it was the whole humans as monsters with weird things coming out of them thing.

You play the game from two perspectives: a woman named Claire Redfield who works for TerraSave (which is technically the evil organization in all this but we don't know that yet). Alongside her is a girl named Moira Burton, who seems to be a beginner TerraSave member. The other perspective comes from a man named Barry Burton, who is Moira's father. His adventure of evil starts when he comes looking for his daughter who never gets home, six months later. His companion is a little girl that he finds on the island, named Natalia Korda, who was abducted and placed on this island for experimentation purposes. She remains a mystery for most of the game, with slight hints here and there about her throughout the game.

Finished recently, the ongoing Resident Evil game.

The game can be played in split screen mode, which was nice. The companion characters, Moira and Natalia, are more for help purposes than for fighting ones. The one fighting tool Moira has is a crowbar, which stuns an enemy but doesn't kill it. Natalia has a gift of seeing where monsters are before reaching a room or destination, and she can point out their weak spots so it's easier to kill them. Playing the companion character lets you run around a fighting ground, collecting items and ammo, and giving it to the main character while they are fighting the monsters. The thing I enjoyed about the companion characters is that they don't die when injured. They will fall to the floor and stay there until the main character comes to heal them. It helps the companion character be a good decoy.

The objective of the game is simple: get out of wherever you are. And don't get too scared. The idea of the terrible monsters in the game is the fact that they used to be human, before some sort of a bracelet was put on their arm, that reacts to fear. Once you get TOO scared, you turn into a monster and your human self pretty much dies.

Claire is the strong, experienced woman, who takes Moira under her wing and protects her throughout the game. Moira's character brings a more comedic aspect, with stream of consciousness comments such as "moist barrel of fucks" and "what the cock is that?"

When Barry first roles around, the first thought that pops into your head is "oh yes, the big man saves the day." However, as the game goes on, not only does he grow on you, but you quickly learn that he is not the huge man you were expecting him to be. Accompanying new realizations is also a very twisty end that you weren't particularly expecting. I enjoyed Barry's 'rough man and caring father' demeanor, especially once he rescues Natalia. Natalia is an adorable, creepy girl who doesn't remember how she got here and what happened. She eventually grows on you too.

I enjoyed this game fairly well, but was not particularly satisfied with the ending. It is, however, much better than Resident Evil 4, with the plot line and everything. From the looks of it, the best game is yet to be Resident Evil 7, which is coming out in 2017. Hype!

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