One Last Semester

My final semester of college is finally here but I can't really imagine this all ending. It still feels just as far away as it did my freshman year. Then I could only imagine how much more I had to learn. Now I know how little I truly know and I want to learn so much more. In some ways I feel college is ending too quickly, but I'm far too ready to start my own life to wish for a longer college career.

I've been through a lot over these past 4 years. I've grown significantly and the chaos of having been to 3 colleges definitely helped me. Maybe it would have been easier or even better if my college experience had been more stable, but the experiences I've gained are ones I wouldn't trade for anything. Maybe some of my myriad of mistakes are ones worthy of regret, but they were mistakes I learned from. Mistakes that if they had never been made, I wouldn't be the person I am now.

Enough of that though, my last semester is one I'm excited for even without the thrill of it being the last one. I have several exciting classes with small class sizes. I'm certain that this semester I'll meet a lot of new people and progress friendships with older friends. I even have a separate internship this semester. I have so much to do and I'm ready to really have to dig in my heels and work hard all semester. I want to finish out with satisfaction at the work I put in; it looks like this semester will be the most satisfying yet.

I hope the rest of you have a great semester as well, thanks for reading!

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