It's that time of year again! College students are getting ready to move in and out of their apartments and dorms. After spending one year in a crappy apartment, I am moving to a new apartment complex.

As everyone who has ever moved knows, moving is a stressful process! Here are some thoughts I know all people moving have had during the moving process.

1. "This is the perfect opportunity for me to declutter."

2. "Why did I ever get rid of those boxes?"

3. "Oh yeah, because the boxes caused clutter."

4. "Where can I even buy boxes?"

5. "Why should I spend money on something I am just going to throw away again?"

6. "I spent too much money on boxes. I better not throw these away."

7. "I have way too much shit."

8. "I should just throw away everything I don't use!"

9. "Why did I think I needed all these mugs?"

10. *Throws candle away* "No wait, this candle has a little bit of wax in it. I am just going to keep it in case I want to use it for a half hour."

11. "I am taking this candle out of the trash."

12. "I am such a hoarder."

13. "Ew, why is this place so dusty? It's like I never clean."

14. "I should get new furniture for a new apartment."

15. "A U-Haul costs THAT much?"

16. "How am I going to move all of this by myself?"

17. "Wait, I will just begs my friends with pizza to help me move."

18. *After one week of packing* "I am not even halfway done packing. When will this ever end?"

19. "I can't wait for this to be OVER!"

20. "I give up. I am not moving. I will just live here, out of these half-packed boxes."

21. "How did I get this desk through this door before?"

22. "PIVOT"

23. "What about people who live on upper levels of apartments? How do they get their furniture up there?"

24. "Everything is packed. Now I have a million more things to do."

25. "Will everything even fit in this U-Haul?"

26. "I never knew I owned so much shit."

27. "If it doesn't fit in the U-Haul, throw it out!"

28. "How much more of this do I have to do?"

29. "Can I hire un-packers?"

30. "I hate moving."

31. "I love my new home! It is such much better here!"

32. "I am never moving again."

33. *Searching apartment complexes near me online* "Look at this apartment complex! I should move here after my lease is up!