With all of the stress that comes with college, the semester can feel like it may never end. We may have started the semester off strong, but here we are 7 weeks in and ready for winter break.

Here are 10 thoughts every college kid is thinking at this point in the semester:

1. "Can I please drop out?"

Do I really need this whole college thing? I don't need a career. I'll just live on mac'n'cheese and in my parents house the rest of my life.

2. "I'm broke."

I really want sushi tonight, but my bank account says I can't even afford McDonald's. Mom and Dad are officially tired of sending me money, and I suppose I'm on my own now and selling plasma!

3. "Please hire me!!"

I'm tired of updating my LinkedIn and tailoring my resumes. Please just hire me, I swear I'm qualified. What do you mean I need 2+ years of experience for an entry-level job? I JUST GRADUATED.

4. "I thought this class was supposed to be easy..."

BiSci 4? Easy right? Wait, how did I just fail the exam?! "You HAVE to take this gen-ed, I swear it's the dumbest and easiest thing." WRONG.

5. "When can I go home?"

When can I see my dog again? I want to hug my mom. Can I leave this weekend? Just kidding. I can't leave, too many exams and can't afford gas!

6. "My liver is shot."

My liver is black, I don't think I'm supposed to feel this way. My weekend long benders are out of control. I bounced back a heck of a lot faster when I was a freshman.

7. "Everything hurts and I'm dying."

My head hurts, my back hurts, I feel hungover simply from sleeping, I can't fall asleep without melatonin anymore, I can't find time to sleep. OUCH!

8. "Oh no its happening...the plague!"

God, I love waking up and feeling like a prickly ball is stuck in my throat and having a 102 fever. My, oh my, the Penn State plague is great. Or is it meningitis?

9. "Sleep, social life, and grades. Pick 2."

Let's go out tonight. Cheryl, it's a Monday night... get your shit together. Crap, I have 4 exams this week. Eh, let's go out tonight anyway. *gets home at 3 A.M. from the library* It's OK, I didn't want to sleep anyway. :)

10. "I need a 36 hour day. Or a 3 day weekend."

I have 4 meetings, 3 assignments, 4 classes, 2 papers, and a quiz all due tonight. JUST NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!