Mother's Day was this past week, but it's not too late to appreciate all the dog mom's in the world. Here are some thoughts that go through dog mom head's daily:

"How did I end up with three dogs?"

"This dog has abnormally sized poop for its size."

"Is this normal?"

*leaves for an hour and comes back* "Oh my gosh I missed you so much!"

"No. Stop chewing that."

"That's not edible."

"Don't you even think about pottying in the house while I'm gone."

"You're so cute how could I ever be mad at you."

*ten minutes later* "You're in so much trouble."

"Come love meeeee."

"Come cuddle with me."

"Fine, just come here and let me love you."

"How do you get so dirty so quickly?"

"I should give you a bath but that's a lot of work just stay outside."

"All. the. hair. It's too much."

"Please, stop shedding."

"How is it possible to love something so furry so much?"