10 Thoughts You Had While Your Friends Studied Abroad
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10 Thoughts You Had While Your Friends Studied Abroad

Experiencing life abroad vicariously through your friends, as told by Parks and Rec

10 Thoughts You Had While Your Friends Studied Abroad

Initially, of course, your friends are enthralled to travel unseen lands, therefore, it is your friendly duty to match their level of euphoria. You congratulate them, rave about their approaching exploit, and are genuinely warmed they will see a world outside of your college town.

Then comes, the realization that you will be left behind.

You grasp the fact that their beautiful face will greet yours, come August. You ignore this terrible news, surrendering to the state of denial.

Reality hits like a 3 a.m. bar fight. Conversations about weekending in Prague, and passport problems, fill your stage of oblivion, and you are compelled to finally accept that your gang will, indeed, embark on their excursion overseas.

You are forced to say goodbye.

As you arrive at your parents' house, absorbing the luxury of unstained couches and free groceries, your friends board the plane to paradise.

They extend one final arrivederci and dive into the wave of foreign state, as you dive into a trivial depression.

You binge order Domino's and drown your sorrows in cheap Cabernet.

They discover wonders of the world, dropping bills on eclectic trinkets and foreign collectables, gourmet pizza and fine wine. Their Snapchat geo-filters read "Venice" and yours read "Kansas City Flea Market."

Cue next-level jealousy, as you begin to bleed resentment.

You approach a phase of anger.

Your friends are at the ice bar as you are waiting for the oven clock to strike 8 p.m. so you can hit half-priced slushies at Sonic. You air-five your sister after finishing 13 episodes of Bloodline in three days.

Soon, you recognize that this simple life cannot be it, that you too can experience adventure in your summer at home.

Suddenly accepting you must find more in your world, you unbound the limits of living at home and explore your damn great city. Distance makes the heart grow fonder -- of the greatness your homeland stands for.

And before you know it, they will return.

Sporting fake accents and new vocabulary.

You'll be even more proud than before to call this being your best friend

And, together, you will once again conquer the adventure of a new semester.

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