22 In-Class Thoughts, That 100 Percent Won't Be On The Exam— Even With A Curve
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22 In-Class Thoughts, That 100 Percent Won't Be On The Exam— Even With A Curve

A large fraction of what we all do with our hour and fifteen minutes of a lecture.

22 In-Class Thoughts, That 100 Percent Won't Be On The Exam— Even With A Curve
Maine College of Art // https://www.meca.edu/academics/visiting-artist-scholar-lecture-series/

1. 50% of these people in front of me are doing something completely unrelated to this class.

I don't think comparing Marx and Freud in 1000 words or less is part of Physics class, Jessica. OR checking Facebook.

2. What am I going to eat after this?

No one can hear the professor when my stomach keeps interrupting him.

3. I did the reading for today's class, and nothing in it pertains to this lecture…

I am really glad I was up until 2 am reading, professor!

4. Please, no one sit next to me.

There's already NO room in these rows as it is.

5. Did I forget something due today?

6. Where's the clock in this room?

I need constant time-checks at 30, 20, 15, 10, 5, and 1 minute(s) left until class ends.

7. Stay awake if you're going to sit this close to the front.

Stretch a bit, chug your coffee, and don't let your eyelids close.

8. My computer is going to die and there are no outlets near me.

How long can I last at 2%? Turn the brightness down, close out all the apps.

9. There are only two out of 300 people in this class who raise their hand with questions.

And of course, they usually sit right next to each other and don't study with anyone else.

10. How did Stacy attend only half of the first lecture, never show up again except for the first exam, and get a higher grade than me??

11. I know as much as this TA does.

But if I make friends with him, will I get a better grade. I'm asking the real questions now.

12. I need to refill my water bottle.

…. But I would rather dehydrate then to risk tripping over someone's backpack.

13. Am I chewing my gum too loudly?

14. I really hope no one tries to climb over me to go to the bathroom.

15. If I study for two weeks and still fail this test, what will my average be?

A's are recommended, but C's do in fact, get degrees.

16. Is it too late to withdraw from a class?

I know it's two months into the semester, but I didn't foresee this series of unfortunate events called the "Electron Transport Chain" when I signed up for this.

17. I hope no one calls me; I can't remember if I turned off my ringer.

18. No, wait… hold on… don't click the next slide yet I'm still writing.

Can you send me a picture of your notes? I didn't get it all written down before he moved on…

19. Does anyone else in here know what's going on?

Or am alone on this island. Again.

20. How can I arrange everything on this small lap desk to fit my coffee, water bottle, laptop, notebook, pencil, and calculator on it?

21. Should I record this lecture?

Will I even find the time to listen to it again before the test?

22. Did I just touch chewed up gum under this desk?

And if it's not gum…. Then what is it?

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