The few weeks right before the break are some of the most difficult weeks of college. We are so close to the finish line we can taste the freedom of Christmas, but that last little stride to the end can be difficult.

Here are 13 thoughts every college kid catches themselves having during finals week:

1. "Do I really need a degree?"

2. "I hear there is good money in pole dancing!"

3. "I'm actually paying fifty-grand a year for this s**t!?!?"

4. "Can I jump in front of a bus yet?"

5. "Ten minute naps are KEY!"

6. "I could easily drop out right now... and escape to Fiji within 24 hours..."

7. "Are we done yet???"

8. Torn between being so sleep deprived I feel unstoppable and so tired I need to hibernate for six years.

9. "My heart is racing from all this caffeine, but I guess it's probably healthy enough."

10. "Calories don't count during finals week."

11. "If I close my eyes for 15 minutes, I can convince myself I have the energy to work for the next 16 hours!"

12. "I absolutely CAN (not??) power through this."

13. "Just a few more days until I'm in bed with my dog and a bottle of wine!"