11 Thoughts Every College Student Has The Week Before Finals
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11 Thoughts Every College Student Has The Week Before Finals

"grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..."

11 Thoughts Every College Student Has The Week Before Finals

Everyone knows that finals season is the most dreaded point of the semester.

Not only will you soon have to leave all of your college friends, but there is an inescapable amount of work to do and tests to take. The only comforting thing is knowing that everyone else is going through the same torturous week.

What's worse though are the feelings right before finals week, when you feel your impending doom getting closer and closer and you’re just trying to hold on to everything good.

1. I can put this off until later!

You know what they say, due next week? I’m doing that next week. I will not let these nine chapters of reading keep me down! I have pointless things to do for hours instead.

2. I deserve to go out tonight !

It’s been a hard semester, you know- and there’s not many weekends left to enjoy it. I deserve this punch bowl.

3. I should be watching Netflix

Soon I’ll have no time to watch my shows so logically I should be cramming as many episodes as I can in now to compensate!

4. You haven’t started studying either?

Phew, I thought I was the only one who hasn't opened their textbook once this semester. Makes me feel a little bit less bad about myself.

5. Oh you started studying already?

Oh you already made a study guide? Does this mean I’m a bad person? ...Still not starting anything until next week though.

6. My meal plan is at what?

The semester has taken a severe toll on my on-campus meal plan, it’s probably time to stop getting an iced coffee every day.

7. Have get the most out of that gym membership

Forgot about your gym membership all year? Time to cram in two semesters worth of workouts into two weeks!

8. I think I need a support animal

Those campus events with support dogs are absolutely necessary at these times. I need to look up a schedule or something.

9. Acceptance of failure

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change….” At this point in the semester, you have a good idea of how hard your final is going to be. You’ve also probably calculated what you need to get on it to get a decent grade in your class.

10. I want to go home

I need my room, I need a good meal, and I need my mom. I also need a good nights sleep.

11. I don’t want to go home

How am I supposed to leave all my favorite people and my favorite place? I'm convinced nobody can make me- even after the dorms close.

Soak up all of the fun that you can for the rest of the semester, finals are on their way to ruin all of that. Just kidding, but don't take your last few days of freedom for granted!

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