1. How is it physically possible to look that perfect?

2. I swear, I look like that with no clothes on too!

3. Why do they never trip? If I was was wearing six inch heels and 20 pound wings, I would fall flat on my face.

5. How many people helped her put that outfit on?

6. That bra is actually really impractical.

7. I don't know if watching this makes me want to go to the gym or eat more carbs.

8. I would die to have her body.

9. I'm going on a diet starting tomorrow.

**Eats pizza**

10. I feel like a lazy piece of sh*t.

11. I'm going to start working out every day.

**Frantically signs up for daily soul cycle classes**

12. One day, my husband is going to buy me that fantasy bra.

13. I need to practice my sexy wink.

14. Why doesn't Victoria's Secret sell this?

15. Too many perfect people in one place at one time...

16. How much plastic surgery would I have to get to look like that?

17. I just want to be an angel...