I've never been a "math person" but when I signed up for Intro to Statistics everyone was like, "Oh no, you'll be fine! Stats isn't really math!"

Well let me tell you something, I am also not a "statistics person" either.

On the first day of class, I walked in and my professor told just that there are two types of statistics that we would be learning about this semester, descriptive and inferential. Immediately, I wanted out. Then, she started talking about the difference between a population versus a parameter and a sample versus a statistic and my brain opened up my skull, crawled out and went home.

But today my brain decided to come back and share some thoughts I have in my statistics class with the world.

1. Why did I show up?

2. Education is too expensive to not show up

3. This dude literally shows up an hour late every day

4. *Zones out*

5. What's even the point?

6. Should I be writing this while in class?

7. Probably not

8. OK, this kid falls asleep every day

9. Should someone wake him up?

10. Should I wake him up?

11. Yeah, I'm not going to wake him up

12. Does that make me an awful person?

13. No, I'm not awful. This kid sleeps during class every week

14. Maybe taking a nap is a good idea

15. No, it isn't

16. I'm so tired though

17. If I just remember how expensive college is again maybe I won't want to sleep anymore

18. Great, now I'm just stressed and tired

19. Why did I take this class?

20. Do I even need this class?

21. Ooo, it's almost time for our 10-minute break

22. I wonder if I can make it to Starbucks and back in 10 minutes

23. I probably can't

24. I doubt myself too much

25. The 10-minute break is over

26. I missed it

27. I have no coffee

28. Wonderful

29. What if I just went home

30. I wish I could

31. I mean I can't

32. But I can

33. Ya know?

34. Why did I take a class that doesn't get out until 6 p.m.

35. Oh yeah

36. Because I hate happiness

37. My friend just called me

38. I wonder if she knows I'm in class

39. She's such a goof

40. Yeah, Lexi, I'm talking about you

41. I think my professor is the most monotone person in the world

42. Besides myself

43. I don't think I'm actually monotone

44. Everyone tells me that I am though

45. I don't know man

46. I'm just trying to live my life

47. I just realized I skipped number

48. Too late now

49. I'm not fixing it now

50. I should start paying attention now