Remember when I thought we were only going to get one "Endgame" trailer? Well, Marvel has blessed us and has given us many more scenes, trailers, and flashbacks in order to hype us up even more than we already were for the big premiere. Every trailer shows that the Avengers are willing to do "whatever it takes" to save their friends and, ultimately, the world. I wrote down my thoughts when the first trailer came out, and now I'm back to write even more thoughts! Here are 33 more thoughts that I had while watching these trailers roughly a hundred times each.

1. Wow, there's more of these? Marvel, we don't deserve you!

2. Oh wow, New York is a MESS.

3. This is the Sunday School kid in me coming out, but this definitely reminds me of the "Left Behind" movies.

4. I'm with you, Steve, I will NEVER move on!!

5. This Tony and Nebula team-up is all I want.

6. *Sweetens the deal by sliding the Russo Brothers a 50* Can Nebula PLEASE be the one to kill Thanos?

7. These black and white flashbacks are hitting me right in the nostalgic feels.

8. Okay, now I'm researching everything I can about Kate Bishop.

9. Hawkeye and Black Widow holding hands!! This is too much for me!

10. Sometimes I really miss Thor's long hair.

11. Marvel, did we really need the flashbacks of everyone fading away? Did we really need to relive that?

12. Seeing Scott confused after coming out of the Quantum Realm breaks my heart.

13. They do owe it to everyone! Avenge them, it's literally in the name!!

14. "Whatever it takes." Everyone is such a boss in this.

15. I see those suits! AVENGERS IN SPACE!!!!

16. "He used the stones again." Wait, WHAT?! How is that possible?!

17. Captain Marvel is here! Finally!

18. "He used them to bring everyone back." HOW?!?!

19. Why are the Russo Brothers releasing such open-ended scenes?! I need answers!!

20. "Because before you didn't have me." I can't wait to see Captain Marvel team up with the Avengers.

21. She's been saving so many planets by herself, that's heartbreaking and epic at the same time.

22. Thor and Captain Marvel are the superhero duo I never knew I needed until now.

23. Ohhhh my goodness, now I'm incredibly nervous.

24. I really hope they get creative with making unlikely team-ups.

25. "No mistakes." Well yeah, you really can't afford any this time.

26. *Continues chanting* Avengers in space! Avengers in space!

27. I am LIVING for Rocket and Ant-Man on the same team.

28. "Yeah, you mean because he killed all our friends?" Marvel, do you WANT me to cry?!

29. Rocket and Nebula reconciling breaks my heart.

30. Tony and Steve are friends again, I have been waiting three years for this moment!!

31. The picture of Tony and Peter is the saddest thing since "Mr. Stark, I don't wanna go."

32. Everyone's got a really great dramatic stare.

33. Take Thanos down!!!

Here's a bonus thought for you all: I'm nowhere NEAR ready for this. I don't know about you all, but I have theories to write and Marvel films to rewatch. And remember, be a decent person. Don't spoil the Endgame for anyone!