Finals week of college can be incredibly daunting. The pain you endure is almost indescribable sometimes. It can be shown through pictures. It can be shown through videos. Yet, have you ever really thought of how you feel after taking a final in words? Maybe Katy Perry said it best in her song, Firework. "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" Or, maybe there is a better way to describe this sensation.

The feeling of finishing a final can feel like the last day of being sick. Suddenly your stomach stops hurting, your sinuses clear up, and coughing stops being so powerful. It feels good to be done with one final; almost like night and day.

Yet, what if you still have another final after? Instead of feeling relief, it's almost as if you feel the slightest relief of pressure. It's kind of like when you have wanted food all day and get that first bite of pasta or a taco (whichever you prefer). You feel relieved yet not totally satisfied. It is almost as if your friends let you take the first bite then dump your spaghetti on the floor. That's when you go back to your room to lock yourself down within the books and study just all night long.

The feeling after your last final is magical. It can be similar to the feeling of getting home at night. You go up to your room, take off your shirt, take off your pants, also alas: the best part. You get to take off your bra. After that annoying mechanism being attached to your body all day, you finally get to just throw it on the ground for good. Then, you get to slip into your pajamas, turn on Netflix, and enjoy your Christmas break that you earned after a stressful finals week.