Finishing college is a bittersweet moment for any college student when you finally have to give up the life where you feel carefree and independent and enter the real world, where a lot of students have no idea what to expect.

These are the thoughts that many college kids have when they finally graduate:

1. I have to actually get a real job

2. So I can't drink 24/7 anymore

3. Do I have to actually leave this place?

4. I'll be OK. I'll get my life together

5. Actually what the hell am I doing with my life

6. Waking up at 7 every day doesn't seem too bad... I hope

7. At least I would be making money

8. Just kidding. I could barely afford anything with the money I am making

9. Damn college was really the 4 best years of my life

10. Actually, college was the hardest 4 years of my life

11. Wow, I actually have to pay off those student loans now

12. Do I actually like my major? Should I change it?

13. I'm only 22. I have my whole life ahead of me

14. Holy shit. I'm 22. My life is already over

15. Sooo... What age can I retire?

16. Maybe I can marry rich?

17. I'm genuinely so confused with what I'm doing with my life

18. I should make a 5-Year Plan

19. Wow, I've accomplished nothing in college

20. Actually, my college career was not that bad

21. I found people here that I will be friends with forever

22. I wonder if I'll actually talk to half the people I talk to now

23. College was actually amazing. Life is going to be so boring now

24. I think everything will fall into place

25. Damn I'm really going to miss this place

No one has their life together after college. Make the most of what you have and you will continue to grow and eventually feel secure in everything after you graduate.