Thought While Watching The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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Thought While Watching The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I immediately regret sitting down with a bowl of butter noodles for this.

Thought While Watching The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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If you missed the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (what the hell were you doing?), I broke down each part here!

10 minutes until showtime

I just stopped doing homework (aka watching Shameless) it is finals week after all, and heated up a bowl of leftover noodles.

Five minutes until showtime

I am going to regret these butter noodles.

9:00 p.m. — SHOWTIME

My roommate looks at me and says “Adam Levine’s wife is a model right?”....Why did I ask her to watch with me?

First walk

Love the dragon! Elsa, work it, girl, first out!

Kendall looks perfect... of course... Why am I eating butter noodles?

These wings have to be heavy, right?

Gigi, girl, why did they ever Photoshop your freckles off? They are so cute!

Alessandra… ugh… does she know that every young woman in this world wants to be her? My roommate says “Who is that? She looks familiar!” Just the face of Victoria’s Secret… it’s fine.

Why did my mom pull me out of modeling when I was little? This could be me! (side note: I’m 5 ft tall)

Lady Gaga Walk 1

Ugh, I used to be obsessed with her. In seventh grade, I wrote all of Lady Gaga’s songs on my binder… TMI?

Thigh high stockings are gorgeous! Will those be on sale?

Loving the soft smiles ladies.

Hair flips for days! Imagine just walking down the runway and then flipping your hair like "yep I just killed it, now you get to watch me walk away"

A night at the opera commercial

I've been there! I've been in the same building as the angels, I can die happy now!

This song is so sexy, I love it.

The commercial ends with one in black like the Black Swan ballet! They are so damn creative.

Bruno Mars Walk 1

Eeeh, Pink! I can’t wait!

See through chaps? Hmm... interesting

Bruno Mars is tiny next to all these women.

I always love how fun the pink walk is!

It’s kinda sporty this year with the striped socks and jersey-like numbers

Lol at all those PINK dogs on the last model!! That’s the dream of my sixth-grade self, to have that many PINK dogs.

Josephine Interview

Josephine, you are so cute. She cried when she put on her first wings, that is adorable. And she's beautiful. And she's humble. I hate myself.

I love how none of them are cocky. They totally could have an attitude like, “I’m an angel, I’m a queen,” because let’s face it, we all think they are queens… but every single one of them is so genuine and sweet. It makes me even more jealous.

A very private affair commercial

The castles in France are so beautiful. What am I doing sitting in Middle-Of-Nowhere, Alabama?

Gigi Interview

Gigi and Bella are sister goals. End of Story. Good family genes right there. *Sheds tears at their old photo in wings*

The Weeknd Walk

Oh, this one is dark and sexy. I love it.

Adriana Lima... queen.

Aren’t Bella and The Weeknd dating? IDK, but she is killing it — Wowza. She’s 18... people...18? He’s touching other models, though…..uh oh. 18-year-old me would be pissed if my guy was touching models (I'm 19, I've grown up a lot...) Maybe they broke up.

Is that a clear rain jacket? So cute.

This performance made me like The Weeknd a lot more. Not that I wasn’t a fan before, but he’s REALLY good.

Paris Scent Commercial

That was such a cool and different commercial!

I’m starting to think that I’m not going to have one negative thing to say about this.

I guess the only thing is that Candice isn’t here... I mean she did just have a baby but still. It’s not the same without Candice.

VS Sport

I do have to say, their athletic gear is really nice. Maybe if I buy some more I will work out more? Maybe? I really do need to start working out... After finals, I will…

Some motivational quotes said by the angels if you need a little push too:

“I’ve worked hard to be the best version of myself that I can be.”

“You’ve got to earn it.”

Lady Gaga Walk 2

She should stick to singing. I love Lady Gaga but girly pop the dancing is not too good… The outfit change was sweet, though. Real question: How is she standing in those shoes?

Gigi’s boots!! I need those

Kendall, beautiful once again. I love her white outfit among all the black.

I love all the strappy outfits!

The longest wings! What? Those are ridiculous! How is she not falling backward? These models amaze me.

Yas, Lady Gaga has wingssss!!

Bruno Mars Walk 2

Full body of sparkles...Do they sell that in stores?


The feature bra is beautiful. Emeralds and diamonds. *insert heart eye emoji*

Sparkle fringe!!!! Now that I really do need.

Closing thoughts:

  1. That was amazing
  2. they all have perfect abs
  3. I need to go to the gym
  4. I need to get a boyfriend to buy me VS for Christmas
  5. I’m following them all on Instagram right now, screw studying for finals!

“All she wants for Christmas is Victoria Secret”


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