To Those Struggling With Living In An Engagement Society
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To Those Struggling With Living In An Engagement Society

To those who are happy, but not happy being single.

To Those Struggling With Living In An Engagement Society
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As I scroll through Facebook it seems like my newsfeed has been overtaken by engagements, cute wedding photos, adorable babies, and a new relationship every other day. Sometimes it leaves those of us pursuing a college degree who are single feeling like we are accomplishing nothing with our lives. Although we are all very excited for our friends, it just seems as every day passes the closer we are getting to being forever alone. Stop getting consumed by all those degrading thoughts, I promise it only makes you lower the standards for the right relationship.God, did not ever promise us a marriage or the whole packaged deal, but he did promise us a life in eternity if live for him and not our relationship status. Did you know about 37% of college graduates have not had romantic relationships?

God did not create us as creatures that wallow in self pity because we aren't like everyone else. Being single during this time can be like a continuous warfare in your mind because you know you are not emotionally ready to spend forever with someone else, but you still don't like picturing yourself watching Netflix alone every night. Look at this time as a gift from God. You will never get this time back where it is just you, yourself, and I. All you have to worry about is buying food for yourself, so your inner fat kid always has no regrets. Being alone is not like being last in the race, this time was created specifically for you to find yourself whether it be a new hobby or just learning to appreciate your inner beauties. God will bless us with the right marriage in his timing, but in the meantime we need to appreciate the situation we are in now. It is in those moments when you are truly statisfied with being alone forever that God will bless you, so the best advice is to be content without a significant other!!

"Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do. But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion."

I Corinthians 7:8-9

The struggle of singleness is so real sometimes and it does become one of your darkest shadows during the early hours of the morning.Naturally the older you are the more you begin to struggle with loneliness and sexual temptation. Those low points in our season of singleness is when the struggle of sin comes into play. We ultimately were not created to be alone just like Adam had Eve, the world has encouraged us to constantly seek a mate. What do you do when the struggle to search and the power of loneliness brings us to the point where we would settle for anything? This is where I can not reiterate enough to stop settling for those sloppy girls at the bars or the loser boys who would literally do anything to get in your pants.

Remember your worth in times where you hate the idea of your relationship status.No crappy relationship is worth it just for the title. I am not encouraging you to push everyone away cause your standards are so high no one can realistically meet them because some relationships are life lessons to teach us what we ultimately want in a future spouse. Realistically your not going to meet McDreamy who loves Nicholas Sparks movies and takes you to five star restaurants every night or Megan Fox who is billionaire, and loves sports cars, our standards have to not be out of this world because we are not in a fairytale. Go on a date every now and then, just for the experience! You never know when one simple date to Olive Garden might turn into the best relationship of your life.

The good thing is though, this too shall pass. Singleness is not permanent most of us will eventually get married at so many different stages in our lives. Even if you don't no one is truly single. Ultimately a marriage reflects on God, and the bible talks about how one day Jesus will return his bride to the church to be a perfect new creation. Meaning in reality someday we will marry Jesus and he will wipe away all our worries of the world away. Relationships on earth do matter they help us strengthening our relationship with God, but nothing is more important than our everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

So if you're struggling with the single itch, take this time to realize you're amazing and God is just spending extra time perfectionating your future love.

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