20 Lyrics From Thomas Rhett's 'Center Point Road' Perfect For Instagram Captions

Thomas Rhett is out with new music just in time for the summer — and for your summer Instagram captions. Here are 20 lyrics from "Center Point Road" perfect for all your summer Instagramming needs.

1. "If you haven't been lost, you won't ever get found."

2. At a wedding or a party, at some bar downtown."

3. "She had fire in her eyes, a wildflower in her hair."

4. "and no matter how much time goes by, I hope we never have to grow up."

5. "Shameless and painless and perfect and ageless."

6. "Turn that frown into a smile real quick, there ain't nothin' that a beer can't fix."

7. "Somewhere in the sand, cold one in our hand."

8. "No plans, just tan, sun kissed, lovin' it."

9. "Playin' our song on the stereo, drove 'til we ran outta road."

10. "When growing up was a dream, and Friday night was everything."

11."A very hot summer, living all over each other."

12."Cherry on your lips, Margarita on your kiss."

13. "I don't care where we go as long as we're flyin'."

14. "You can't find somebody else if you never let somebody else go."

15. "You can't soak up the sun, if you never been stuck in the storm."

16. "Gettin' me rooftop 30A high."

17. "Hot summer with you now."

18. "You can never go up if you never been down."

19. "I can guarantee it's gonna be a very hot summer, me and you."

20. "You're too good for coincidence and too perfect for an accident."

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