I trust too easily.

I see the best in everyone and I take everything to heart. I love seeing the potential others have and working with it. I am one to never see the bad in people. I believe in second, third, fourth, and fifth chances. This is what I mean when I say I trust too easily.

We are born into a world where we know nothing of the bad actions one person may be capable of. We learn to trust based on impression and sometimes you don't know that the first impression is wrong. I trust people easily because I believe that people do not put up a front. I believe that a facade is only something you hear about in movies. There is no such thing as a fake friend. I want to believe that everyone is good, and I do that.

I always refuse that people have a bad side. People are good and they remain good. I know this is not true but for some reason my mind convinces me that every time I meet someone new they are as good as they appear. I believe what others may say, not knowing the bumps in their friendship or why they are friends in the first place.

I see the beauty in everyone and I make sure that they know that. I am loyal, I stay close and care. In the end, this is not true for everyone. Some people are two faced and they will knock you down. You care for someone so deeply that you almost can't believe they are talking about you negatively behind your back. They hurt you and they are two faced, but you do not want to believe it because they men so much to you. You trusted someone and realize that trusting them was a mistake. You made one of the worst choices by choosing to trust them and letting them be a part of your life.

I trust too easily because I want people to be as genuine as I try to be, and that just isn't how life works.