I'm sure we've all seen weird things going on in a passing car or at a red light. However, have you ever seen anyone or any animal on top of a car's roof?

As Ronda Rankin was driving down a highway in Omaha, she noticed a "fluffy" gray and white cat on top of another driver's van. Rankin began to record the bizarre incident as she alerted its owner, Michelle Criger, and her boyfriend shouting, "cat! There's a cat on your roof!" In a video shared with Inside Edition, she says that “there was nothing on that roof for that cat to hold onto. So I have no idea how it was staying up there.”

Criger said that before anyone noticed her cat, who's coincidentally named Rebel, on top of the roof, she and her boyfriend had already driven for "about two miles" when she was alerted by Rankin and brought Rebel to safety. She took this incident as a lesson and says that before driving off, she checks the top and underneath the van to make sure Rebel doesn't find himself in another "dangerous predicament."

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