What's one way you get out of doing certain things or going to certain places? Well, whatever you do, hopefully it doesn't involve murder.

Anna Mae Blessing of Arizona was "charged with first degree murder, aggravated assault and kidnapping" for shooting and killing her 72-year-old son in his home on Monday, July 2nd.

Blessing moved into the home her son shared with his girlfriend six months prior to his death. According to the girlfriend, a few days before the incident, Blessing and her son had an argument over her going to a nursing home.

The sheriff's office said that Blessing had two pistols in her robe that she hid and shot her son "several times in his bedroom." The girlfriend, who was also in the room, shared that Blessing pointed a gun at her but she managed to hit it out of her hand. However well prepared, Blessing pulled out the other gun that the girlfriend also knocked out of the angry mother's hand. She then sat in a reclining chair "until deputies arrived and arrested her" according to officials.

When deputies arrived, Blessing said that she purchased one of the guns in the 70s and the other was given to her by her husband.

Blessing's bond was set at $500,000 and she attended a court hearing on July 10th.

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