This Point In The Semester As Told By Michael Scott

It's a universal truth that at this point in the semester, college students have just about had it. If you're feeling the end of the semester stress and need a little pick me up, I encourage you to find some comedic relief through the one and only Michael Scott as he describes how the majority of us are feeling right now.

1. When you look at all of the material on your multiple study guides and realize how complex it actually is

2. When a classmate asks if the final is cumulative and your professor responds with, "of course it is, why would you think otherwise?"

3. When you're finally focusing on all of the work you need to get done and get a heartwarming notice from your bank account alerting you that your remaining balance is under $5.00

4. When you realize it's December and you're halfway done with yet another year of college and are one step closer to entering the real world

5. When your professor says that there will be no curve on the final under any circumstances whatsoever

6. When you're running on two hours of sleep from studying or finishing a paper and you're walking through your major department's building

7. When you realize that you have less than two weeks to get your academic life together

8. When you finally sit down to write that term paper you've been putting off for the entire semester and you're at a loss for words three sentences in

9. When the only thing that will make you feel better is eating ice cream for lunch and someone tries to question it

10. When you decide that anything other than getting your work done is exactly what you're going to do

11. When one of your professor's just refuses to recognize that you have four or five other classes to worry about

12. When you finally bring yourself to sit down and face the reality of all of the assignments, papers, and studying you have to complete in less than a week

13. When you read the first question on your final exam and realize that the odds are most definitely not going to be in your favor

14. When you think back on all of the time throughout the semester that you had to get done all of the work in front of you but you just chose not to

15. When you get a notification from Blackboard notifying you that your final grades have been posted

16 (featuring Dwight). When you realize that you made it through another week of finals and that Christmas break is finally here!

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