Breaking Down The Top 7 Moments From The 'This Is Us' Season 5 Premiere
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Breaking Down The Top 7 Moments From The 'This Is Us' Season 5 Premiere

You may now resume your regularly scheduled Tuesday night tears with "This Is Us" back on your TV screen.

Breaking Down The Top 7 Moments From The 'This Is Us' Season 5 Premiere

The "This Is Us" writers and creators blew me away yet again. Last Tuesday, the Pearson family returned to TV screens around the nation and it did not disappoint. The show picked up right where it left off in Kate and Toby's living room with Kevin and Madison discussing their future twins. From there, it transitions right into the Pearsons handling 2020 with masks, social distancing, and quarantining, to participating in BLM protests and talking about racial injustice.

Haven't watched it yet? Stop reading, go grab some tissues and snacks, fire up your laptop, and start bingeing! This article contains my favorite moments and spoilers from the two-hour season five premiere!


When they passed each other in the hospital hallways, and again in the chapel, my jaw dropped. The fact that William prayed for someone to take care of his son, and then Jack walked in just seconds later, was powerful.

Jack raised the bar the entire day in the hospital, let's be real

When they flashed back to the day the "Big Three" entered the world, it once again proved how much Jack loved and cared for Rebecca. Searching the hospital for a radio, constantly checking in to try to help, and praying in the hospital chapel for her health, really shows what kind of a husband, dad, and HUMAN he was.

Randall + Beth = Power Couple

That scene. That line. You know what I'm talking about! Ugh, just everything about Randall and Beth.

Kevin was born to be a dad

He was born to be a lot of things, but it's time to be upgraded from just "fun Uncle Kevin." He is caring, kind, good with kids and good to Madison. Even if it doesn't always show, he has a lot of Jack in him. Personally, I think he and Madison are going to end up finding their way and create their own love story they didn't think was possible.

Besides, he did end up sort of proposing to her in the urgent care office. This could be a blessing in disguise for both of them. Everything happens for a reason.

Kate and Randall's conversation about race = important

We can't leave this moment out. Kate apologizes for "everything going on" and Randall challenges her. I am glad they brought it this into the light for viewers to see. It provides perspective into real-world events we have been living through for years, but are just now talking more about.

The Damon Family is expanding to a family of FOUR!

In the season four finale, Toby and Kate started to discuss the possibility of adoption, besides, in Toby's words, "The Pearson Family has a good track record with adoption." Well, that track record is getting even better.


At least...she was the day he was born 40 years ago. Paramedics declared her dead after CPR wasn't working. William ran away with his newborn, just for us to later find out that only seconds after she ran away, paramedics found a pulse.

Now, we have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS for more twists and turns. NBC is covering the election next Tuesday, and "This Is Us" will return the following week on Nov. 10.

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