The Newest Season Of "This Is Us" Has Already Exceeded My Expectations, And It LITERALLY Just Premiered

Ever since the pilot episode of "This Is Us," I was in love. The way the producers tie in the past and present in the first episode literally gives me chills every time I think about it. My best friend explained it best when she said that each episode was almost like a "mini movie." All within one hour, you laugh, you cry, you may even be scared at some scenes.

Every Tuesday night, it is a tradition that my friends and I intensely watch the new episode the airs, and then we discuss our emotions during the commercial break. I don't think I have ever watched a TV series that is as "feel good" as "This Is Us." All I want to do, after each episode, is hug my family and friends so tightly. So, last Tuesday, when the premiere of the new season came on, I was thrilled that this was back into my life.

Towards the end of the last season, I was so curious to see how the producers would keep the series alive. They exceeded my expectations with the premiere, to say the least.

If you have watched it, you understand when I say I had CHILLS at the end of the episode. The connections the producers make to the past, present, and future are so wonderfully surprising. "This Is Us" has a way of keeping the viewers on their toes for the entire hour, and then the revealing ending hits them like a ton of bricks. The season premiere was no exception.

The older version of Kate's son, Jack, Deja, and her new friend, and the whole Kevin and Nick thing, wow.

I love the idea of showing the future of the family because it switches up the dynamic. Honestly, I did not see that coming.

Last night's episode just made me want to run and hug my parents. Seeing Rebecca and Jack deal with the kids during the preteen years, and then seeing Randall and Beth deal with their kids in their preteen years, I just wanted to cry. I love that Beth and Randall are such a team just like Jack and Rebecca. I hope for the rest of the season that there are more happy moments with Beth and Randall. We saw them go through the wringer last season, and I could hardly bear it.

Something so amazing about this series is the strong, loyal and loving relationships.

The relationships are so realistic and raw. I hope that there is a girl for Kevin in the future to help keep him on track. "This Is Us" continues to surprise us all, so I hope the rest of the season is as wonderful as the first two episodes.

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