The 10 Most Tear-Jerking Moments From 'This is Us'

The 10 Most Tear-Jerking Moments From 'This is Us'

A show that has moved America to tears, time and time again.

1. Rebecca learning that the third triple didn’t make it

From the very start, everyone knew This is Us was going to be a tear jerker. The first scene that every truly shattered everyone's heart nationwide was watching Rebecca find out she lost a child, before even getting to know him. No words could be said to express the sympathy all viewers had for the family, instead tears showed every emotion. At that time America knew, we were already falling in love with the family.2. Toby's heart attack

There is no doubt that Toby a total sweetheart, making Kate fall madly in love with him and everyone else just adore him. However, watching him progress on his health journey early in the season only to fall to the ground while having a heart attack not only crushed the table he landed on, but our hearts as well.

3. Williams death

William was hard to love at first but soon after we learn more about him, he is hard not to love. His deep-rooted love for Randall is the best indication that we can trust him and allow ourselves to get invested in his life. When his sickness worsened our hearts slowly started to feel heavy, knowing deep down that it was not long before he was a memory. The death of William was not only a sadness we felt for losing him, but watching Randal lose yet another father.

4. Kate falling into the bathtub

Watching Kate finally find happiness with Toby and seeing their excitement of their soon to be child filled was a joyous moment for all. The second we heard the fall, the devastation flooded in. There are no words to express the sorrow viewers felt knowing the fairytale was too good to be true.

5. Kevin's DUI

Although Kevin did not know he was recklessly driving with his nieces in the car, the fear that struck in the body of all witnesses was real. He had finally hit rock bottom, after all the heart break he had encountered. Although watching him get handcuffed was scary, it was the wakeup call he needed

6. Kevin skipping his opening night to comfort his brother

It is no secret that Kevin and Randall have never been super close. However, family is family and that should always come first. Kevin knew that something was wrong when Randall was not able to make Kevin's big night, and finally Kevin made sure he was there to help his brother. Watching Randall hit his breaking point, while crying in his brother's arm was both heartwarming but heartbreaking, not leaving a single dry eye.

7. The family therapy session

This was the first time we have ever saw the family completely turn on one another. Kevin had only negative things to say about his childhood, which shocked all the viewers who had witnessed almost nothing but joy from their early years. As the families' perfect image seems to be crumbling, the fight escalades.8. Kate breakthrough at weight loss camp

Kate and Jack held a special bond that he did not share with other siblings, making Kate seem to allow her father's death to affect her the most, even after many years. As Kate pounds the drum mallets the audience finally sees a side of her that seemed to be hidden. She thinks deeply about her father, as she flashbacks to the funeral. With her heart on her sleeve, tears streaming down her face, and her arms smashing into the drums she showers her anger, pain and fears that all came with the loss of her beloved father. 9. Jack and Rebecca's temporary split

It is hard to name a couple as in love as the Pearson's, but every marriage comes with hardships. After Jack begins drinking again, which leads him to fist fight a member of Rebecca's band, the couple decide to take a break. To see the kids try to cope while Rebecca downplays the severity of the situation forced viewers to wonder – is the couple calling it quits? After investing so much love into their marriage not only would a divorce tear their family apart, but all the viewers hearts.

10. Jacks funeral

There is no doubt that Jack's death and funeral caused every single viewer to hysterically cry. The loss of such an amazing man and father was felt deeply in all's hearts. Seeing his kids lash out and suffer from such a horrific and tragic event was brutal. The rock of the family was gone, with no warning and no goodbye. Such young kids, losing an amazing role model so young made hearts physically ache. Jack was so easy to love and feel connected to, making his death and funeral that much harder.

Cover Image Credit: NBC

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Cover Image Credit: Vine

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15 Students You're Unfortunately Going To Run Into

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High school is basically the weirdest place in the world. It's an influx of all of the humanity's best, worst, and in-between. And while there's no way to predict for sure all of the freaks you'll meet, here's just 15 you either know or will know.

1. The Stoners

Some of them are problematic; some of them aren't. They're quite the wide range, but they always have a dead look in their eyes, make a lot of inappropriate jokes and like to play card games.

2. The Geeks

Put your second generation Macbook Pro-Gameboy fusion away, Daniel. No one wants to watch Naruto with you.

3. Football Players

At my school, we used to have a dance studio. It's been turned into a weight room, but they kept the mirrors. So now every time you pass the room, it smells like sweat and testosterone while shirtless guys stare at themselves, flexing to prove their heterosexuality.

4. Every Other Sport

We get it, you're tired, and you hate your coach. If you hate it so much, quit. But you won't because if you do then you won't have anything to complain about to others.

5. Hype Beasts

No, I will not scream at this pep rally because I do not care about school spirit. Go away, I have a headache.

6. Vape Nation

While I thank you for smelling like candy or fruit as opposed to smelling like a chemical fire like the stoners, please stop juuling in the bathroom; I just want to pee.

7. AP Students

Sweetie, please take a nap and have some green tea, you're stressing me out. See number one for more help on relaxing.

8. Freshman

If you're a freshman and you're thinking, "Oh, I'm not that bad!" then trust me. You are. Someday you'll look back on yourself during these times and wish you were never born.

9. Phone Ninjas

Often football players or hype beasts, these people have their phones surgically attached to their hands and somehow never get caught.

10. Teacher's Pet

Buddy, literally everyone but the teacher is perfectly aware that you're just mooching for a better grade or for your phone back.

11. Kinky Kids

No, I would not like to hear about your weekend. Go sit with someone else before I catch something.

12. Theater Kids

Stop screaming at me to buy tickets to see you play the That One Background Character in the school play. I don't even know you.

13. The Orchestra Kids

They constantly feel like their under attack, and they're not entirely wrong. Need to see number one to relax as well.

14. Band Kids

Like orchestra Kids except way more annoying and permanently stuck in the freshman phase.

15. Has Their Own Car And Everyone Knows It

Hey buddy, you're 10 minutes late, and you have Chik-Fil-A. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedias Common

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