This Fall, Picture Yourself At The Knox

This Fall, Picture Yourself At The Knox

From studying all Sunday to watching SEC Network all Saturday, The Knox has everything you need for the perfect semester.

Calling all Knoxvillians: still need to sign a lease for this upcoming school year? You’re in luck, because The Knox still has some openings!

The Knox is a brand new, state-of-the-art apartment community located on Clinch Avenue in Fort Sanders. This location is perfect for students, with campus and the Strip both within walking distance. If you don’t feel like walking some days (when it’s sunny and 90 degrees), The Knox is also in range of the UT bus route with stops nearby.

This area is also serviced by UTPD, so students can have peace of mind that no matter how late they’re out and about, they can have the full college experience in a welcoming environment.

There are a variety of floor plans, all fully furnished, and almost every bedroom has their own bathroom. All of the apartments even include a “42-inch TV in the living room,” which is unheard of. The Knox is also pet friendly, which is a huge one-up on several other sites so close to campus. To top it off, each apartment comes with its own washer and dryer, so begging for quarters only to sit at the Laundromat for hours is a thing of the past.

One of my biggest struggles of being a college student is efficient time management. It’s hard to go to classes, work, finish homework and then get in that daily workout! The Knox has this taken care of with their own fitness center, with 24/7 access. If working out at 2 a.m. is a priority, this is the place for you. Oh, and for those winter months or pre-spring break, there is also free tanning!

Their clubhouse is also remarkable, with free printing, pool tables, a coffee bar, and individual study rooms if the five minute walk to Hodges just seems unbearable one night.

There will be student programming to meet your neighbors, hang out with your roommates, and to better yourself and your future. Some of these include karaoke nights, resume building workshops, music nights, game nights and crawfish boils! Some of these programs will take place on their beautiful entertainment deck, which has hot tubs, big screen televisions, and plenty of room to grill out with all your friends this fall.

The most important aspect, though, is that The Knox WILL be ready for move-in by August 6th! This is more than enough time to get settled into your new home, and even decorate a bit before classes start. Other apartments are running behind, but The Knox is pushing forward successfully to make sure every student has a place to call “home.”

For more information in The Knox, you can visit their website, or give them a call at 865-297-4455!

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Thank You to My High School YL Leader

I don't know what I would do without you.

Now back to my story. 

I went to YL all four years of my high school experience. Every Monday night from 7:47 PM until about 9:45 PM, you could find me at someone's house where YL would be held. Out of all the four years that YL was a part of my high school journey, I don't think I missed one. Scratch that, I think I maybe missed two. That's it. YL was my safe haven in high school, and missing it would make me really upset.

During January of my freshman year, we were getting a few new leaders, and one of them was Kelsey. I remember when she first walked in. She was quiet and reserved (later that changed). I went over to her and started to talk to her. We hit it off right off the bat.

My second semester of junior year is when we really started to get close. We'd get Starbucks after I would get out of school and we would just talk about life. That summer, we went to the beach, watched movies, helped at a car wash, got ice cream, and so many other fun adventures. It was so much fun because I knew that if my friends at school were not around, most likely Kelsey could be free. 

Senior year was when our friendship got even deeper. I was stressed with college applications and other things that year. Every Monday night when Kelsey would drive me home from Club or Campaigners, I would tell her the latest installment of everything that happened at school that day and the week before. Senior year was hard for me because I was trying to understand some things about myself that I just couldn't fully get yet. Knowing that she was there to listen was major. Sometimes I would start to get really upset and cry. She would be there for me. 

That year was also the year that I felt a calling to talk to Kelsey about Jesus. So, I made that a goal to better understand Him through her help. One on one. That takes us to February, three months before graduation.

One night, we had a sleepover at her apartment. We went to dinner, went ice skating, baked cookies, played a game with her roommates, and then watched a little bit of the movie Clueless. Clueless is about a girl in a prestigious high school and her efforts to make another student popular. My high school unfortunately mirrored that a little bit. Earlier that week, I had something happen in Biology that made me super upset, among other things. As the movie played, scenes started to remind me about school and I started to get really upset and sad. I remember Kelsey had to go get a drink of water, and when she came back, I asked if she wanted to talk.

So, for the next three hours, we had a pretty emotional convo about high school, and all of the ups and downs that come with it. I was bawling. That brought us into talking about Him. She told me that I am loved so much no matter what. I think she then told me about her Jesus journey. Through that entire night, I felt like I could say anything without judgement. The next morning, she took me to her church for worship. That was just what I needed. Then, a few weeks after I graduated high school, we had another sleepover! She is the coolest.

Now after high school and my freshman year of college, I am still super close with Kelsey. We now have once a month Bible studies and check in sessions over Google Hangouts. I live for those. She still teaches me so much, and her impact does not stop after we are both done with YoungLife.

To all of the current YL leaders out there, know that the impact you are making on the kids you lead is HUGE. They might not show it, but what you are doing for them is the best gift you can give, time.

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7 Easy Ways You Can Become The Best Version Of A Minimalist

...Because we all have too much stuff.

Minimalism. For some, it’s a lifestyle fad, but for others, it’s a vital tool in living a happy and healthy life. Minimalism is generally defined as the practice of living with less material items than the average person but it’s not limited to just that. Some people believe that in order to be minimalist you can’t have a traditional job, a car, or furniture.

It doesn’t have to be that extreme if you don’t want it to be. The benefits of living life with less are virtually endless. Spending less money, being able to live in a smaller space, and being able to clean your space easier are just a few reasons from Becoming Minimalist. If this is something that might be beneficial to you, take small steps. Here are seven ways how.

1. Toss extras.

You don’t need 5 white shirts or 17 shot glasses. Donate, sell, or give away extras of anything you own.

2. Don't keep a junk drawer.

Or a junk counter or container. Throw away all that mail and all those catalogs that you’re never going to look at. Everything else can be put in a more appropriate place.

3. Keep grocery hauls small.

And before you go, inventory what you do and don’t need and throw away anything that’s gone bad. When you get to shopping, only buy what you know you can finish without it spoiling.

4. Tackle your closet.

Most of us don’t wear a fraction of our closet or even know what’s in it! Toss useless clothing items that are too small or big, that you don’t wear, or that have sentimental value but no practical value.

5. Don't buy spontaneously.

We’re all guilty of going to the store for milk and coming out with a full cart. Or going to the mall for one product and coming out with 4 bags. Overcome the temptation to get more stuff and think about purchases at least 24 hours before making them.

6. Don't collect things.

It can be fun to have a mug from every city you’ve ever been to, but you can’t possibly NEED 103 mugs. You just don’t. Pick 5 you’re absolutely in love with and donate the rest.

7. One in, one out.

If you simply must buy that new whatever put the very popular one in, one out rule to use. For every item you add to your home, one must go. New sweater? Goodbye book with dust on it that you haven’t opened since you read it 4 years ago.

Cover Image Credit: Burak Kepapci

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