Why I Think Bad Things Happen To Good People

Very recently, one of my coworkers passed away. His parents, family, close friends, my coworkers and myself all found each other asking ourselves the same question.


Why did one of the most selfless, thoughtful people I have ever met have to pass? Why did it all happen so suddenly?

Most importantly: Why did such an awful thing happen to a kind, intelligent young man at only 21-years-old?

Many people I told the story to explained how they could not fathom how God could do this. They went on further to say this is a testament to why God does not exist. After all, why would God let such horrific things happen to good, faithful Christians like my coworker's parents?

While I am not God and do not have the answer, I will share with you why I think awful things like this happen.

In my opinion, God brings about darkness to ultimately show the light of His people. During this horrific time, every single one of my coworkers has tried their hardest to make sure my coworker's family felt love. Balloons, flowers, cards and even a collection were made out to him and his family. It was during this time God showed me to appreciate my coworkers more than ever before.

God showed me warriors of faith. My coworker's mom spent the whole time when I visited my coworker in the hospital talking about how her faith has helped her during this extremely difficult situation. I saw God in her. The way she talked and preached the gospel by her actions was one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed in my life. Coworkers of mine that I did not even know had any faith were praying consistently.

During difficult times, God also shows us to appreciate the people in our life during our short stay on Earth. With evil people lurking and our fates in God's hands, we never know when it will be our last time with someone. So stay home with your parents, reach out to the person you haven't talked to in years and forgive people for what they have done to you. You never know when you will get another chance.

Ever notice how when something awful happens, something wonderful comes right after? Immediately after the shootings at the Orlando nightclub, people lined the streets to give blood. Celebrities from around the world donated their time and money to the victims. After shootings, terrorist attacks and murders, people come together and support each other. While shootings, deaths and terrorist attacks are awful things, they show that love can shine even through the worst of times.

As I said before, I'm not God and I do truly wish bad things did not happen to such good people. However, my faith leads me to believe there is a bigger picture. Trust in God's plan and appreciate every moment you have with the amazing people He puts in your life.

The great character Albus Dumbledore once said, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Be the light switch for those when they are having dark times and maybe then you will see the light.

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