If you live anywhere that has a brutal winter, you know the sigh of relief you let out when you see that it is above 30 degrees on any given day. For me, when it's balmy outside, let's say a ripe 45 degrees, my whole day is changed. From the clothing I wear to the attitude I have about the day, everything is different.

Here are five things you'll want to do when it's finally warm enough to only wear one sweatshirt and a jacket, instead of seven.

1. Walk to class

This simple pleasure is something we take for granted in the fall months. There is something to be said for when is not only warm enough to not wear a coat, but also warm enough that your face does not go numb from outside exposure. Your uber account will be thankful when the warmth comes around, no longer do you need to take those four-minute car rides, you can face the 50-degree seven-minute walk.

2. Wear sunglasses

If you are a New Yorker, you may not consider this a spring, only, privilege. If you wear sunglasses during the dark, cold months of winter, you should consider doing less. But if you wait until those bright March days, you will be thrilled when you can finally pull those babies off the shelf and onto your face.

3. Get out of bed in the morning

When it is under 15 degrees, it is incredibly hard to leave your cozy, warm bed in the morning. Not only does leaving your bed indicate your day starting, but it also comes with a burst of cold air, often leaving you shivering, and wishing to get back under the covers. In the spring, when you wake up to birds chirping and sunshine, the day seems much easier to tackle.

4. Leave your house and finally go out

In the winter months, often times we find ourselves settling for Thursday night Netflix marathons, instead of going to that frat party, or bar. We settle due to the fact that we are simply too cold to fathom putting on a sleeveless shirt, and bracing the outdoors. Springtime comes with being much more social, merely because you aren't afraid of hypothermia or frostbite.

5. Smile because you finally have feeling back in your face

And lastly, we smile because we can open our front doors without a gust of cold air so strong, it often leaves us feeling inferior and numb. The first feeling of sunshine on your face will inevitably leave you with a grin from ear to ear, winter is over, and summer is coming.