Commencement ceremonies for university and college graduations occurred during April and May this year. I graduated with my bachelor's of science from Eastern Michigan University this April. I know that I thought of all of these things during the course of my commencement ceremony; I am sure you did too.

1. Should I walk at commencement?

It's so expensive to buy the robe and tickets. Do I even want to go wait for two hours to hear them mispronounce my name?

2. Of course I am walking!

This is a once in a lifetime experience! What was a thinking? My mom would be so mad.

3. Where can I find information on commencement?

Are they going to email me? Should I look it up online? Will they call? When will I know? Mom keeps asking for the date and time.

4. I only get SIX tickets?!

My mom is going to be so mad! We can only invite a few people now. Who in my family is going to be pissed at her now?

5. I wonder if I have enough in the bank to buy this robe.

Graduation robes are expensive! EMU's undergraduate robes cost $49.95! It would take me over five hours to make that much money at work!

6. Maybe I could ask mom to buy the robe for me?

7. Where even is the ticket office?

8. (Day of) I hope I don't trip in my heels!

It would be so embarrassing to do that in front of all of my peers!

9. (Day of) Where is my family? I can't find them in this crowd!

10. (Day of) How much did they pay this guy to talk to us?

EMU is in debt and yet we hire a CEO to speak to our graduating class. I am glad it is someone kind of important; I am hoping he isn't boring!

11. (Day of) *crossing fingers* Please pronounce my name correctly.

I wrote the phonetic spelling down for you. I have the easiest last name in the world. You have said my first name correctly like five times now.

12. (Day of) This is my moment. Don't forget to smile!

13. These heels were a bad idea!

I have such a far distance I have too walk!

14. (Day of) He said my name wrong!


15. Well that was a long ceremony for doing things for two minutes.

I'm exhausted and bored. Don't get me wrong... I am proud of myself but I have been here for three hours and woke up at 6 AM! When will this thing end?

16. I didn't even get my real diploma!

I wonder when I will receive it?

17. I'm hungry! Let's go get food before the traffic hits!

While it may not seem like it, I was proud to attend my commencement ceremony; however, I was even more excited to eat Italian food and take off my heels afterward.