19 Things You Realize When You Move

19 Things You Realize When You Move

The end result is almost always happy, but the road to that happy result is filled with cardboard boxes, stress, and random bruises.

Like many other people in Charlottesville, and across the country for college and graduate students, most of my time these past few weeks has been devoted to packing up my room and then actually moving to a new apartment.

I was so excited to move until I started packing up my room. And in the days that followed, I realized more and more things about the moving process that I must have forgotten between helping my mom move earlier this summer and now.

1. Cardboard boxes are a pain.

They’re either too small and you have to use a ton of them or they are too big and then start to collapse with weight.

2. Realizing that in two years you can really accumulate way too much stuff.

Where and when did you buy that?

3. Also having some difficulties throwing things away or donating them because I'm sentimental.

But also getting rid of things is therapeutic. And should be done more often.

4. I have T-Rex sized arms that are not helpful while trying to move boxes.

5. The amount of stress that comes with the fact that half of the apartment doesn’t have electricity.

6. There is no internet access because Comcast hasn’t sent the router or setup box yet and there’s no electricity.

7. Because there is no internet, you have to struggle to find wi-fi close enough.

I need to get an article done and one of my roommates can do her homework.

8. Even though there was a method to my packing, it still seems impossible to know where everything is.

9. I swear my belongings have legs and switched boxes while I was sleeping.

10. The number of bruises accumulated during moving week is unreal.

My legs are covered in bruises and I think I have one on my upper back somehow.

11. Not being able to find things because I didn’t finish packing in time.

12. Knowing that there are Command Strips somewhere, in some box, but not having the energy to find them.

13. Just moving furniture can be a pain.

14. Having family and friends helping you move reminds you that they are actually angels because nothing would have moved if they hadn't helped.

I would seriously be sleeping on the ground.

15. Staircases that are too narrow to easily move couches up them are the Devil’s gift.

And do you remember that one scene from "Friends"? Well, it happens to all of us.

16. Also, going back to no electricity - only being able to unpack when the sun is out severely limits efficiency.

I unpack (and pack) at my best when it’s nighttime, but finishing a box and being able to break it down is super rewarding.

17. Putting away your clothes makes you feel more human.

18. Putting up decorations puts a smile on your face.

19. And being able to celebrate with your roommates that you all survived moving is perfection.

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To The Girl Who Isn't Graduating On Time, It Won't Feel Any Less Amazing When You Do

Graduating is something to be proud of no matter how long it takes you.


To the girl who isn't graduating college "on time,"

I promise, you will get there eventually, and you will walk across that graduation stage with the biggest smile on your face.

You may have a different journey than the people you grew up with, and that is OKAY. You may have some twists and turns along the way, a few too many major changes, a life change, you may have taken most of a semester off to try to figure your life out, and you're doing the best you can.

Your family and your friends don't think less of you or your accomplishments, they are proud of your determination to get your degree.

They are proud of the woman you are becoming. They don't think of you as a failure or as someone any less awesome than you are. You're getting your degree, you're making moves towards your dreams and the life that you have always wanted, so please stop beating yourself up while you see people graduating college on time and getting a job or buying a car.

Your time will come, you just keep doing what you need to do in order to get on that graduation stage.

Your path is set out for you, and you will get there with time but also with patience. The place you're at right now is where you are supposed to be. You are going to thrive and you are going to be the best version of you when you graduate and start looking for a company that you will be proud to work for. Don't look on social media and feel less than, because at least you're still working towards your degree that you are finally passionate about. You will be prepared. You will be ready once the time comes and you cross the stage, move away, and start your journey in whatever field you're going into.

Don't question yourself, and be confident in your abilities.

With love,

A girl who isn't graduating on time

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I'm Not The Person I Was In High School And I'm Not Sorry I Changed

I'm sorry, the old me can't come to the phone right now.


If those who knew me in high school hung out with me now, they probably wouldn't recognize me. If my friends from college hung out with me around two years ago, they probably wouldn't recognize me. It's safe to say I've changed... a lot. I definitely find the change to be for the better and I couldn't be happier with the person I've become.

In high school, I would sit at home every night anxiously waiting to leave and go out. Now, honestly, going out is the last thing I want to do any night of the week. While everyone in college is at a fraternity party or at the bars, I prefer to sit at home on the couch, watching Netflix with my boyfriend. That's an ideal night for me and it is exactly the opposite of what I wanted to do a couple of years ago. There's nothing wrong with going out and partying, it's just not what I want to do anymore.

I craved attention in high school. I went to the parties and outings so I could be in Snapchats and photos, just so people would know I was there. I hung out with certain groups of people just so I could say I was "friends" with so-and-so who was so very popular. I wanted to be known and I wanted to be cool.

Now, I couldn't care less. I go to the bars or the parties if I really feel like it or if my friends make me feel bad enough for never going anywhere that I finally decide to show up. It's just not my scene anymore and I no longer worry about missing out.

If you could look back at me during my junior year of high school, you probably would've found me searching for the best-ranked party schools and colleges with the best nearby clubs or bars. Now, you can find me eating snacks on the couch on a Friday night watching the parties through other peoples' Snapchats.

Some may say that I'm boring now, and while I agree that my life is a little less adventurous now than it was in high school, I don't regret the lifestyle changes I've made. I feel happier, I feel like a better person, I feel much more complete. I'm not sorry that I've changed since high school and I'm not sorry that I'm not living the typical "college lifestyle." I don't see anything wrong with that life, it's just not what makes me happy and it's not what I want to do anymore.

I've become a different person since high school and I couldn't be happier about it. I have a lot that's contributed to the change, but my boyfriend definitely was the main factor as he showed me that staying in can be a million times better than a night out. My interests and my social cravings have completely transitioned into that of an 80-year-old grandma, but I don't regret it.

Change doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can bring a lot more happiness and comfort. The transition from high school to college is drastic, but you can also use it as an opportunity to transition from one lifestyle to another. I don't regret the lifestyle flip I made and I couldn't be less apologetic about it.

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