Things you know to be true if you hate winter.

I hate snow, and a lot of people do as well. The only good thing about it is getting class canceled. It's extremely cold, depressing, and gets dark ridiculously early. Winter isn't good for anyone's health either. What is there to like about it? I feel so unmotivated in the winter, and it's so difficult to get things done. Everyone is sick and miserable. Summer will always be my favorite season. I absolutely love it! There's so much to do, it doesn't get dark late, and everyone is happy. Here are some things you can relate to if you hate snow as much as I do.

1.Thinking about snow makes you cringe.

Whenever I hear it's going to snow, regardless of it being 2 inches or 11 inches, I get so upset.

2. Slipping on ice and falling in front of people is a legit fear.

I've seen it happen to other people, and it doesn't look fun.

3. You're always cold.


4. People that love snow annoy you.

Like how can you even like it? What's to like about it?

5. You have absolutely no desire to leave your house.

Nope! Makes me want to stay home forever. Once I'm home, I'm not leaving.

6. You feel trapped all winter.

I don't even want to do anything.

7. Getting out of bed is so much harder.

So. Much. Harder.

8. You sleep with a lot of blankets.

I have 2 comforters and 2 fleece blankets on my bed right now.

9. You constantly wish for summer.

Summer hurry up and come!

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