15 Things You're Doing On Your Laptop During Class Other Than Taking Notes
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15 Things You're Doing On Your Laptop During Class Other Than Taking Notes

*Turns subtitles on Netflix for the people sitting behind you*

15 Things You're Doing On Your Laptop During Class Other Than Taking Notes

No true college student actually pays attention in class for the entire class period so here are 15 things that you are all probably doing.

1. Shopping

Whether that's on Amazon, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Nova, or none of the above, you know you're browsing online instead of taking notes.

2. Booking a flight

Whether you book the flight or not, you know you're browsing to see the cost of flights to Italy over spring break. Even though it's only September and you're unemployed.

3. Texting

Thank the Lord for Macbooks and our ability to text without pulling out our phones. Texting on your laptop makes it look like you're taking notes, but really you're texting your roommate about the likelihood of getting a pet next month.

4. Pinteresting

From recipes to nail inspiration, your Pinterest board gets the most attention on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's from 10-10:50 in the morning.

5. Taking BuzzFeed quizzes

Because you have to know what flavor poptart your personality is and where you should go on vacation in December based on your major.

6. Checking your horscope

Because we all know that whatever our horscope says about our day is absolutely 100% accurate.

7. Reading

Whether that's Facebook posts, the latest news articles, or how to get gum out of your carpet, you're reading something other than your professor's notes.

8. Reminiscing 

In your middle schools, last Friday night, or this morning when you were in bed.

9. Daydreaming

About adulthood, what extra shifts you should pick up this weekend, and what you're making for dinner.

10. Working on other assignments

Other assignments that aren't relevant to the class you're even in right now.

11. Apartment hunting

Or townhouse hunting. Regardless, you're looking for a new place to live once your lease is up next year and now is the time to do it!

12. Browsing Uber Eats

Or Doordash or Food Guys. You have to know what kind of food options you have for later since you know you're not making dinner and you aren't leaving the house to get dinner.

13. Reading emails

Or pretending to. I mean, who actually reads their emails and responds to them in a timely manner besides responsible adults?

14. Looking at Master's programs

Because since you pay so much attention to the class you're in now, you're going to pay attention in Master's courses and succeed there as well.

15. Build a new playlist

That might motivate you to workout or clean your apartment later on.

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