Things we never get done

7 Things You Never Get Done Over Winter Break

We always hope we fill our time with something other than Netflix.


It may be hard to admit but there is a lot we say we are going to do over break but never get done. We have big expectations, but we spend most of our time sleeping or watching Netflix. Before we know it, classes start in a week and we have nothing done yet.

1. Visiting your relatives

We have all done this. "Mom, I will definitely visit grandma tomorrow." Then, we stay in our rooms for a week and a half. The end of break is upon us and we still have to make that trip to grandma's house.

2. Apply for internships

During the semester, it is almost impossible to fit in the time to work on applications, so we put it off until that sweet, long break at the end of the semester. Of course, after a couple days of relaxing we will be more than motivated to do all that work. Unfortunately, one thing I have learned over breaks is something at motion tends to stay at motion. Something that is not in motion tends to stay completely still. After spending a couple days in bed, it is really hard to get up and start any work.

3. Get a job

That tuition is not going to pay for itself. Winter break is the perfect time to make some money to someday pay off all those loans. However, most of us are far too busy leading up to finals week to apply or arrange for a job over break. By the time we get to the applications, it is way too late to actually get a job over break. More time to rest up for the next semester!

4. Clean the house

Remember that pile of papers sitting in the corner of your room? Or the abundance of random objects piling up any open space in the house since you first left for college? Oh yeah, we can get to that over winter break. There is plenty of time to tidy up. Instead, we just add to the pile of papers. The random objects might move around a little bit, but they will remain there until summer break. And maybe then they will be put away?

5. Pick up a new hobby

Some of my quotes leading up to break – "I can learn how to crochet." "Maybe I will start scrapbooking." "I can start painting." That is also a list of all of the things I have not done over break.

6. Exercise

I had an entire exercise routine planned out over break. I planned to run every day of the week and stay fit over break. I have probably run a total of 10 times over the month-long break. So much for running every day…

7. Read

You know it is bad when your goal is to read an entire book over break and have only read through the editor's notes after three weeks of break.

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