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14 Things All UIUC Students Who Live In Bromley Will Understand

Sweet home 910 S Third.

14 Things All UIUC Students Who Live In Bromley Will Understand
Lizzey Erlebacher

Freshman year has definitely been super exciting. I have made some of the most incredible memories of my life. It is safe to say that the dorm I live in, Bromley Hall, has shaped my freshman year. From elevators breaking, to people screaming all day and night, the barely edible food, and more, Bromley has been a wild ride. If you currently live in Bromley or have in the past, these are 14 things you will definitely understand and relate to.

The Elevator Situation


If you are on floors 6-8 and the 6-13 elevator breaks again, PLEASE don't use it.



I mean my suite's toilet has flooded fives times this year. Yes, Kendra, we know what to and what not to flush down the toilet.

Breakfast is the most underrated meal, yet the least popular 


Forget about Bromelette, they can make you any type of eggs at breakfast.

The police officers at lunch time

Lunch line

When it's 12:00 p.m. and you see the police officers heading in, you know to sprint to beat the crowd in the dining hall.

The pool that no one uses


"Lets throw a pool party!" - Everyone

**pool party is never thrown

Fobs are crucial to have on you at all times 


Let's be real, it sucks to be that guy who sits on the bench desperately waiting for someone to fob them in.

When the package room has your package and texts you at 7:31 p.m.


"Do you think if I tell the person at the front desk I need the package ASAP they will be nice and give it to me?"

The study room lights turning off when it's #grindszn

Lights flickering

Too bad Bromley doesn't care that I have a test tomorrow because I'm so busy waving my arms so the sensor turns back on.

The dining hall themed nights that have the worst food 

Dining hall

Bromley really goes HAM with the themed nights by adding costumes and decorations.

 People screaming at 4 a.m. about who knows what


Sleep is for the weak I guess.

 Chinese Night = the best dinner meal

Chinese food

When you never get to eat the fried rice because it's always out.

 The Bromley gym = a dungeon


Even though the Bromley gym is so crusty, I am definitely too lazy to walk to the ARC when I can workout in Bromley.

 Deyhdration Nation


When you are getting ready for bed and your mouth is dry, but your water bottle is empty and there is no water fountain on your floor.

 Floor Event = ~bonding~


Lets be real, we all go for the food that our RAs order for it.

My freshman year hands down would not be the same if it weren't for Bromley Hall. I have made some of the greatest friends by living here. More importantly, I have had some of the most interesting experiences in this dorm. Bromley, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun...just kidding. SO MUCH LOVE FOR BROMLEY!

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