17 Things UCF Students Are All Guilty Of
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Student Life

17 Things UCF Students Are All Guilty Of

There's nothing like being a Knight, Charge-On!

17 Things UCF Students Are All Guilty Of

If you go to the University of Central Florida, there are a few things you find yourself doing that many other students are guilty of. Here are some of those things:

1. Posting endless pictures of the reflection pond and using UCF's geofilters

2. Saying one too many "Knight" puns

Enough said...have a good "Knight."

3. Coming close to being run over by a bicycle or longboarder on campus

We've all been there and to all the hot shots who ride full speed around campus on their bike or long board, just know everyone low key hates you.

4. Constantly confusing The Library with The Library

It's common to question someone "the one with books or happy hour?" when mentioning the Library. More than half of the time, Knights, of course, are referring to the bar.

5. Jumping and chanting "U-C-F Knights" every time Zombie Nation starts playing

Football games, Happy Hour or even Publix, no matter where its playing, Knights all around feel the sudden urge to begin yelling "Ooooh ooh woooah ohhh, U-C-F Knights!"

6. Complaining about how the RWC's stairs are worse than your actual workout

With 28 steps (give or take), the RWC's flight of agony can tell you a lot about yourself. Like how physically fit you are, how much will power you have and of course if you're smart enough to just use the elevator.

7. Fan-girling over Coach Frost

Undeniable DILF and loyal UCF Football coach, I'm sold.

8. Taking over McDonald's after a night out at Pub or Lib.

Good luck trying to order something. At these hours, intoxicated Knights storm to the Micky D's on Alafaya, desperately searching for a McGriddle or Large fries. God bless the brave citizens that work during this rush hour.

9. Developing Sciurophobia

Needless to say, the squirrels on campus are complete savages and basically run UCF at this point. If they catch you by the student union with Chick-Fil-A, you better believe they'll approach you demanding a fry or two. Word of advise: avoid eye contact at all times, they can sense fear.

10. Pointing out how tall Tacko Fall is every time someone mentions his name

We get it, he's a legit giant!

11. Reminding everyone (UCF student or not) that we won the Tostitos's Fiesta Bowl in 2014

Despite our rough past two seasons, it's nice to reminisce the days when we had Bortles and defeated Baylor. All we can hope now are for better days ahead with the help of Coach Frost.

12. Being Knightro's #1 Fan

What's not to love? He's an energetic, charismatic, Knight who can be found wearing Chubbies, dancing at every sporting event and giving out much-needed hugs at the SU. It's hard not to love our school's mascot.

13. Never getting the timing right for the football chants

There's something about the awkward transition from the "C" to "F" that trips everyone up.

14. Counting down the time in minutes, seconds or even milliseconds rather than actually doing work in a lecture or MALL hour

15. Wearing athleisure almost every day to class

No shame in this one. With Florida's extreme weather and our campus being the second largest in the country, traveling to each class can easily feel like cardio.

16. Putting yourself at risk of injury just for a Duck at Spirt Splash

Good thing they have medics on site.

17. And finally, being proud to be a Knight

Once a Knight, always a Knight.

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