Things to Remember as an Actor

Things to Remember as an Actor

The things that you should know as an actor and that will help you navigate the acting world.


Sometimes acting and preparing for auditions can get tiring. You might get tired and not want to memorize that monologue or you might want everything to be perfect for that audition. Here are some reminders to help you know that you are not alone and to motivate you too keep working

1. Learn your craft

Amazingly, tons of people think that acting is easy. Just like any art form, it must be trained for and mastered. Hone your craft, take classes and watch other actors and directors (if they know what they're doing.) Tons of famous actors, theater and film, still have acting coaches. Let this be a reminder that there is always more to learn!

2. You are not the writer

Never rewrite your lines unless it is explicitly said to do so! If a director tells you to improvise, that's a whole other story. But other than that, never say something that is not on the page given to you. It offends the writer (if it is a new piece), or just makes you look unprofessional. If you want to write your own dialogue then you're in the wrong profession, go write a play or do both.

3. Listen, Listen, Listen!

Listen to any direction you are given, especially in an audition. The director/ casting director/ creative team are seeing if you fit their vision and if you can take direction. I understand if you want to keep your creative vision for the character, but get the job first!

4. Make sure your head-shot is up to date

The worst thing is to go into an audition with a head-shot that looks nothing like you. If you've gained or lost weight, cut your hair, or aged a few years, then it's time to get new head-shots. You want to make sure that the creative team is expecting YOU, not someone who looks totally different.

5. PLEASE don't make excuses

You were stuck in traffic? Your power went out? You were sick? I am very sympathetic to these problems because they have all happen to me before auditions, but the fact is the directors absolutely DON'T care. So don't make excuses, just go in and do the best you can.

6. The business isn’t fair

I'm sure this isn't new information to most of you. Things happen that are not fair on every level of the acting world, sometimes dumb, talent-less people get your role, and it will break your heart. But sometimes the person was better for the role than you. There are also a lot of decisions that are so out of your control. Things can affect casting like hair color, height, the directors own vision, or even the fact that your name is the same as the director's ex. I know it's not fair but that's the business.

7. Someone is always better than you

There will always be actors more talented, better looking, or luckier than you and that is something you can't control. You have to let it go or you will never be able to work. What you CAN control is that when people meet you, they say, "that's the most hard working, best trained, and best prepared actress/ actor I've ever met." But that is the choice you have to make.

8. The "perfect" audition monologue/ song doesn't exist

You will never find a song or monologue that will show your full vocal range, full acting talent and be in the tone of the show, as well as fit your character. Sorry, but it won't happen! Find monologues and songs that you relate to. Then learn them, live them, and learn to love them.

9. Get out of your own way

In this I am very hypocritical, but I think it is the best advice in the world for an actor. Actors are their own worst enemies and no matter how mean a director is, the actor will always be hardest on themselves. From failing to prepare, to the voices that go through your head that make you terrified, try not to let it get to you. Do not let your fears get in the way of actually getting a role that you may be perfect for.

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