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Everyone loves a good bargain and TJ Maxx is the best place to get high end products for a good price.

From experience i've learned that sometimes shopping with TJ Maxx has it's frustrations but i'm here to give you a few tips to make your next TJ Maxx shopping experience the best!

1. Duplicate items for a different price

Have you ever seen two duplicate items but one is on clearance and the other isn't. To add even more frustration the regular priced item is the size you need. You may want to ask if the item missed a markdown. The cashier would be happy to check and make the adjustment for you.

2. Just because it's in the clearance section doesn't mean it's on clearance.

So many times I have people come to me and ask if something is on sale. I glance at the ticket and say no.

I can guarantee 99% of customers will say " Well , It was on the clearance rack".

Me personally, I'll never understand the reasoning behind that statement.

If it were true what would happen if a clearance item was placed on a rack with regular priced item?

Does it mean that item is regular priced since it was found on the non-clearance rack?

3.You can't pay off your rewards card in store

I know you want to get ahead and stay on top of your account.

but you can't pay off a balance in store.

I know other stores like Belk, Dillard's , Sears, etc. may do it but TJ Maxx doesn't.

4.First come first serve

TJ Maxx is the best place to find bargains, and one of kind pieces.

If you find an item you love get it while you can because you may not find it again.

in some cases you can go to another location and find some items but it's not always a garantee.

Each TJ Maxx Store is different and can cater to the demands of the demographic from each location.

5. Get a TJX rewards card

I know you may be thinking why do I want a credit card.

yes you need to be responsible and make wise financial decisions

but the TJX Rewards card has great benefits and when you use it correctly you can maximize the benefits.

There is no annual fee and you can save 10% on your purchase when you are Instantly approved in store.

You can save your 10% to use for up to 30 days!

If you get a TJX Reward Mastercard you can use your card on groceries and gas or other day to items.

With every $200 you spend you receive you get a $10 gift cerificate in the mail.

You can save those certificates to buy gifts or for important events like back to schools or Christmas shopping .

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