10 Coping Mechanisms for Summer Cabin fever

It can be pretty tough staying inside during the summer when you're not even ill and only a short time ago, you had access to anything but boredom, but there are ways to cope.

1. Sleep in.


At least when you have nowhere to be, you have an excuse to stay in bed all day if you're tired.

2. Put on a procedural cop show.


You'd think you'd get tired of the "dun dun" noise by now, and you still hold that the show was so much better before Elliot Stabler left. Even though ADA Barba's pretty cool.

3. Begrudgingly consider learning to drive.


But the idiots on the road and abundance of buttons when you do go out make you reconsider once again. And will it really help during those times all three cars are gone.

4. Try to do some writing.


Character development dialogues and backstory building without that much relevance to the plot count as writing. So does Pinterest.

5. Make your characters on doll making sites.


Because drawing is for squares... Who can actually draw squares, circles, and every other shape because they can... May or may not also count as writing.

6. Put on ANOTHER procedural cop show.


Well, at least you'll have Spencer Reid to admire while you're bored. And see the absolute worst of humanity outside of Tumblr.

7. Look on Indeed or Snag for a job.


Simple equation: Job = Less Boredom. But is there anything out there that isn't customer service, and more unpaid intern type work? Come on, going on coffee runs, filing, alphabetizing, et cetera don't require that much more skill as most entry level gigs... Why is experience needed for that?

8. Play the Sims.


Let's see... Running out of stories... Coming soon to an Intriguing Sims 3 article near you, a bleach blonde gold digger lets her shy, friendly, aspiring actor brother stay with her and he's more of a hit with her rich friends.

9. Watch late night cartoons.


Ah the 90s, a simpler time. And THANK GOD they didn't screw up the DuckTales reboot. Wait... Is that... Darkwing Duck?! I haven't seen you since I was 6!

10. Go back to sleep.


It's good to get back on American time, but becoming nocturnal isn't exactly the way.

Wash, rinse, and repeat until something comes up, or number 7 is successful.

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