8 Things To Do In The Winter Wonderland We Call Upstate New York
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8 Things To Do In The Winter Wonderland We Call Upstate New York

You're not going to want to miss out on any of these activities.

8 Things To Do In The Winter Wonderland We Call Upstate New York
Amy Dixon


1. Chowderfest

Every year in Saratoga Springs, New York there is an event called “Chowerfest!” This family friendly event welcomes anyone and everyone to come and enjoy as many cups of chowder as one would like. More than 80 vendors gather and open up to the public for a $1, 3 oz. tasting of the chowder they’re proud to serve you!

2. Snowmobiling

Amy Dixon

Snowmobiling is enjoyed by many in upstate New York, all over the country, and all across the world. The more popular places in upstate New York to go snowmobiling are Tupper and Saranac Lake! The Lake George region is extremely popular as well. Everybody always raves about going’s snowmobiling anywhere in the adirondacks because of the breath taking views. You can connect with and meet so many new people while enjoying this hobby!

3. Ice Skating

My friends love ice skating! I’ve never been one to be that good at it. My friends always recommend going to the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Lake Placid, Fern Park In Inlet, the Saranac Lake Civic Center In Saranac, and the Dynamite Hill Recreation Center In Chestertown! These are just a few of their favorites. They’ve grown up skating with the same people they met when they were kids at the rinks! Ice skating is an Olympic sport as well as a popular activity enjoyed by all ages!

4. Polar Plunge

Shelard Park Beach locates on Canada Street in Lake George is where the annual Polar plunge is held every year! Another family friendly event that invites all ages to come take a dip in the lake on New Years Day! Over one thousand people attend the event. Some older men and women have been taking part in the event for a long a long time. Some decide to run in and then back out of the water as fast as possible and some like to hang out in the water like an actual polar bear!

5. Hiking

Amy Dixon

Hiking is something that can be enjoyed all hear round. Wether it’s a small 2 mile hike or a vigorous 12 mile hike to the summit. Four mountains that a lot of people recommend are Whiteface mountain located in Wilmington with a summit of 4867 feet, the second mountain called Casade with a summit of 4098 feet located near lake Placid, the third being Scarface Mountain In Raybrook with a summit of 3088 feet, and the fourth being Ampersand Mountain located outside of Saranac with a summit of 3352 feet! All of these mountains have breath taking views. Some more challenging than others, but if you’re up for the challege go ahead! Hiking anywhere in the Adirondacks during any season is a treat itself because of the views. With hiking in the winter there are many rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. Always check out the website of the mountain if there is one or ask a park ranger! People work so hard to keep our parks and mountains clean and safe so leave them as you found them. A tour guide of mine told us to always remember to “never steal nature’s wow.”

6. Hockey Games

Amy Dixon

The Adirondack Thunder is a hockey team located in Glens Falls that play at the Cool Insuring Arena. A lot of people in the area have season tickets to see their favorite players take on the ice and their opponents! Everyone I know has attended a handful of these games and have met their favorite players. The team is community’s involved and they love the support from everyone.

7. Sking and Snowboarding

There are so many schools that are involved with the students in a sking or snowboarding club! In our area we all love to go to West Mountain Ski Resort located Queensbury! West invites everyone of all ages and the staff are some of the best! Wether you’re a parent in the lodge or someone enjoying the slopes everyone’s is welcome to have a good time. West has a very family environment and it feels like home only colder! There’s also terrain parks and you can snow tubing!

8. Stay inside and a read a book

Amy Dixon

Stay inside and don’t get cold. The upstate temperatures can be brutal and unbearable to some. Bundle up with a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, and your favorite book. Some of my favorites are “11/22/63” by Stephen King! Honestly everything by King is amazing! “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks, “Kalahari” by a Jessica Khoury, and anything by Edgar Allen Poe! Six books I can’t wait to read are “The Allies” by Winston Groom, “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, “Vendetta” by Iris Johansen, “An Anonymous Girl” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, “Hunting Annabelle” by Wendy Heard, and “Watching you” by Lisa Jewell! If you read these before I do let me know how they are!

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