8 Activities To Do On The First Day With Perfect Spring Weather

8 Activities To Do On The First Day With Perfect Spring Weather

Here are some things to enjoy as the weather becomes warmer!


If you're like me and ready for this snowy, gloomy weather to be over, then I have some good news for you. Spring is right around the corner! In Washington, we've been having some extreme weather, from snow at the end of February/beginning of March, to clear skies and temperatures reaching 70 in some places just this past week! While I know that this extreme weather is a whole other issue, I'm not complaining about it being warm.

Hopefully, you feel the same about this weather that I do, and with that, let me lay out what I'm most excited for that this warmer weather brings.

1. Time To Study Outside

There's something calming about being able to lay out on the grass and have the sun hit you when you're studying. Being able to take in the smell of spring and fresh air, it's so soothing.

2.Being Able To Go On HIkes

While you can hike in the winter, I find it more fun to hike when it's warmer out. Fewer hazards when hiking (depending on where you go) and a hike is more bearable when it's not super cold out.

3. Bike Rides

Something that I don't do often and wish that I did more of is going on bike rides. When I was a kid, my parents and I would go on family bike rides in the spring and summer. While I have grown up, biking is something that I plan to do more of in the springtime, just to get out and feel the breeze pass by me.

4.Seeing Flowers Bloom

Flowers blooming in spring has always been one of my favorite parts about the season. Being able to see and smell everything blooming brightens my mood. Plus, if you live in the Seattle area, you're able to go to the University of Washington and see the spectacular cherry blossoms there.

5. Beach Days!

Going to the beach in the spring or summer time was one of my favorite things growing up. You got to play in the sand and water, relax with a book in the shade, and just have an overall good time. With warmer weather right around the corner, the time for beach days is drawing nearer.

6. More Sun

This one is an obvious point, but I'll say it again! Warmer weather brightens my mood and I'm sure for many others it does as well. It brings me out of my seasonal depression, and for that, I am thankful for warmer weather.

7. Baseball Season

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was play baseball in the springtime. While I don't play anymore, I still love to go to Mariners games when I have the time and partake in all the fun that the baseball park entails.

8. Changing Out My Closet

While I am a fan of sweater weather, being able to shed some layers in the spring is freeing. I'm excited to not have to bring a heavy coat with me wherever I go, and maybe even get to bust out some shorts if the weather calls for it. Plus, I can frequent my Birkenstocks once again.

Where ever you live in the springtime, I hope that it's filled with this and more! If not, I'm sure there's still plenty of ways for you to get out and enjoy the springtime.

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High School Summer Vs. College Summer

Summer isn't all fun and games anymore.

Summer: the most wonderful time of the year. School’s out, obligations are at an all-time low, and life is simple. The only problem - I’m not in high school anymore. This naïve cupcake phase of life is now over, thanks to you, college. Now, free time is a foreign concept to myself along with my peers; summer's not all fun and games as it was in previous years.

School’s out? Ha, you THOUGHT.

What time is it? Summer (school) time! When the final bell rang on the last day of high school, we all jumped for joy and anticipated summer’s freedom filled with the luxurious free time that displaces class time. When you finished your last final in college, you might as well buy class materials for your nearly approaching summer semester. Unlike the good old high school days, summer marks the start for even more time to incorporate school: particularly, summer school. Here lie students who are retaking failed courses and/or those who are behind on classes and need to get ahead. School’s out, scream and shout? You got it all wrong, High School Musical.

Time to intern!

Not only is summer “break” a good time to take some extra classes, but it’s also a perfect time to intern. That’s right, no sleeping in ‘til noon! Don’t forget to set those alarms because college students have to be up and running to gain work experience for their future careers. College students sometimes even endure these long days without any pay, but you gotta do what you gotta do to lock in a post-college job at that ideal company. High school students: props to you if you intern over the summer, I just see it more often among college kids.

Work, work, work.

I had a summer job in high school, but I didn’t work nearly as much as I do now as a college student. Summer is the optimal time to stack up on dollar bills in your savings account. You need money for those ridiculously pricey textbooks (opened quite less often than you’d think), groceries, housing, spending money, and other miscellaneous college expenses. Yeah, you can always work doing the school year, but juggling that along with classes, extracurricular activities, and an eventful social life can be pretty exhausting. Also, it can deter you from getting decent grades (which is why you're in college in the first place).

Vacation? More like no-cation.

Ah, do I miss those summers where I’d be at the beach for weeks on end. With summer classes, a job, and an internship, vacation is just time I no longer have. You can’t just request time off from class, internships, and work! Other (and more important) matters demand your time and effort. If you're lucky, a quick, cheap weekend getaway is you're best bet.

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6 Way To Fight Off Your Annoying Pollen Allergies This Spring Season

It's springtime again! This is an article to help you deal with those awful springtime pollen allergies. When your body just wants to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT that pollen, while you just want to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT all that sneezing, tearing, and high-key dying.


So, to just start off, I want to have a brief science lesson explaining what allergies really are.

When the body comes into contact with foreign threats, it does its best to protect itself. In this case, during the springtime, the body often mistakes pollen- tree pollen, flower pollen, you name it!- as a foreign invader, trying to harm the body. Therefore, when the body's cells come in contact with these invaders, they send out signals to warn the body of the threat. These signals are known as histamines. When the cell is in danger, they start sending out histamines like a 911 call. Except, in the case of pollen allergies, there is no emergency, and your body is just being a drama queen. However, as a result, the body, who believes the world is ending, starts fighting off the pollen causing the body to try to flush it out, either through coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, or teary or itchy eyes.

1. Stay indoors whenever possible

Pollen throughout the day is at its peak during the day between 5 a.m and 10 a.m. while the trees are trying to send out their pollen to a special lady friend. Pollen is usually released during sunny days as evaporation of moisture helps spread the pollen further. Staying indoors and away from the pollen infested trees could be a great way to stop encountering some pesky pollen. If the pollen count is high for your area and you have to go out, remember to plan accordingly, either by taking medication or wearing a mask.

You can also check the pollen count for your area using this link.

2. Take a shower

Just like how rain stops pollen from spreading, a good shower can wash off the pollen off of you. This can help if you want to wash off any unwanted pollen that might be sticking onto you like in your hair, skin, or clothes. This may help you especially if you want to take a quick shower before you sleep to sleep more comfortably.

3. Stay away from booze

Alcohol contains histamines. Histamines are produced by the fermentation process of yeast or bacteria during the brewing process. As a result, this may aggravate your body even more when pollen is introduced. In addition, some alcohol like wine and beer contain sulfites that can stimulate allergies.

4. Drink more water

Like when you get sick, mucus is produced to catch, trap, or excrete harmful pathogens. And, sometimes one gets such a stuffy nose because of this! In order to decrease the mucus viscosity and allow for easier breathing, drink lots of water. In addition, because of the constant tearing and runny nose, your body loses a lot of fluids, so it is good to stay hydrated to make sure you are replenishing your body's lost liquids. Sounds gross, but helps a lot!

5. Eat these foods

There are some theories that eating your local honey would help incorporate pollen immunity into your body because your body is able to digest this pollen. In addition, kiwis are able to cut down on histamines, and pineapples can apparently reduce inflammation. Although foods are not the end all be all cure, these foods are known to help.

6. Exercise the allergies away

Although exercise is not the end all be all cure for allergies, it can help manage the symptoms when one exercises regularly. In general, exercise helps improve one's immune system. Exercising your lungs and heart can also help maintain the health of your body so that it makes it stay in tip-top shape to fight off those pesky harmless, foreign invaders.

Hope this helps! And, may the odds be in your favor.

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