Summer break can feel dragged out if you don't have an extensive list of things to do. Here are 18 Florida themed summer ideas that anyone can use to brighten up their holiday.

1. Learn a new language. 

Florida is a hub for international tourism. Use these couple of months to learn the basics to make friends.

2. Go to the beach.

It's the most basic summer cliche, but getting a big group of friends to go to the beach together is so much fun.The southeast coast of Florida has the third largest coral reef beside it, so learn how to snorkel or take out a boat and explore.

3. Explore everything. 

Almost everywhere in Florida has a nature trail or set of painted walls nearby that not only make great photo-ops but also make fun day-cations.

4. Visit one of our famous restaurants.

Florida has tons of five star restaurants, and if you can afford it, try one!

5. Visit the most beloved rat.

Disney World is for absolutely everyone and you cannot tell me anything different.

6. Try any of the theme parks.

Speaking of Disney, Florida has 21 different theme parks you can try out! They all range in cost so some may be closer or more affordable, giving everyone variety.

7. Go to Zoo Miami.

Zoo Miami is super interactive, relatively cheap, and leads conservation efforts for animals. It is an all-day park and can get sweaty during the summer so pack water and deodorant.

8. Visit a spring. 

Florida has a few hidden gems, like the 700 freshwater springs found here. They all would love some visitors.

9. Go to a farmer's market.

Floridians love to craft, bake, sell goods, and there are always pop up stores for these types of vendors. Our lovely weather makes it a year-round thing too, so if you miss one that's OK.

10. Go to St. Augustine.

There's so much to do in St. Augustine; breweries, forts, even the fountain of youth. They have friendly people and so many sights to see. St. Augustine is also the oldest cities in America!

11. Go see one of our famous sports teams.

Florida has so many sports leagues to follow. The Miami Heat, Hurricanes, Dolphins, Panthers, you name the sport - we have it. If you visit Dania Beach you can even experience Jai-Alai.

12. Billie Swamp Safari.

In South Florida, we have a ton of spots to see grown men hold gators and show them off. They make it fun to get up close and personal with some scary snappy boys.

13. John Pennecamp. 

Key Largo holds a fun snorkeling center that takes you into the beautiful Key West waters. You can see fish, turtles, sharks, and our coral reef.

14. Fishing.

Floridians love to fish, and there's nothing that will stop us.

15. South Beach.

South Beach is the staple of Florida culture. If you do anything you have to go spend the day drinking and people watching at one of the most famous places in the world.

16. Fruit Picking.

Florida is filled with U-Picks and strawberry fields that everyone enjoys.

17. Southern Most Point. 

Key West is another icon of Florida. You have to take a picture in front the giant colorful buoy.

18. Golf in Naples.

If you want to be like every old white American man, go golfing in one of it's major golf cities.