Things To Do When You're Home Alone
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Binge-Watching, And 9 Other Things To Do When You’re Home Alone

Watch your favorite shows, eat popcorn, dance like nobody is watching or sing like nobody is listening because they are not.


Whenever you have free time to yourself or there is a day when you do not feel like going out due to bad weather, parties you would rather not attend or other reasons, you will most likely find yourself alone at your house trying to figure out what to do. If you happen to be a college student who lives off campus with roommates (especially loud ones) then this is an opportunity to spend the day catching up on work or your favorite shows.

It is up to you how you want to use the time that you have available. There are so many activities that it may become challenging to decide what to accomplish during this moment of freedom from chaos. Here are some things to do when you are home alone.

1. Watch a movie

There are many websites and services that are available to watch any of your favorite movies. Select whichever one you want (depending on your mood) and enjoy. Make popcorn and use this opportunity to peacefully sit through that action, comedy, or horror movie without interruptions. If the movie finishes early, take a break to clean up or choose another film.

2. Sing a song from your playlist

When other people are around, you might feel embarrassed to sing. Unless you are majoring in music or have performed in shows at school, this is an activity that will be difficult to accomplish. However, if there is nobody around then you have a chance to sing any song you want from your favorite playlist. Go ahead and have some fun. Put on your own concert, throw in some dance moves. With enough practice, you might have a possible future career in the music industry.

3. Redecorate your room

Since there is no one else around or any noisy distractions, this would be a great time to organize your bedroom. Change it to suit your taste. Nobody is going to judge you. Modify and arrange everything until you are happy. Add concert posters to the walls, put up some new curtains or put a Himalayan salt lamp on the dresser. The possibilities are endless.

4. Update your resume

There are so many things that you have accomplished so far in life. All of these things, whether it is academic success, job experience, volunteer work, or promotions, will all be put into a resume. Over time there will be more achievements and successes to add to your resume, so why not start inputting more information? Think of anything that you can. A resume is a powerful tool when searching for a job. Who knows, you might find employment within the next few weeks.

5. Practice yoga for relaxation and to improve your flexibility

The best ways to relax are sleeping, listening to music, or reading. Another fun activity to maintain peace and enlightenment is yoga. Practice for about 30 to 60 minutes and by the end, you will feel calm and more positive than you did before.

6. Read a good book

Many beneficial outcomes will occur from sitting down and reading a book or ebook. You will improve memory and learn something. It is a great way to discover a skill or new series, and it could possibly lead towards a book review blog.

7. Binge-watch your favorite TV series

When your favorite show is coming on, there is possibly many distractions around that will keep you from enjoying it. If there is nobody home, this is a great opportunity to binge-watch a season or at least five episodes straight before anyone comes back. Watch anything from "Game of Thrones" (if you have HBO) to "Stranger Things." The best thing is you can laugh, cry, or scream without being looked at weird. Do not forget to have some tasty snacks available.

8. Create a YouTube video

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get attention is uploading a funny YouTube video. It can also be a video dub, short film, DYI, or parody. Add some catchy music and special effects to make it more enjoyable to watch. Post links on social media. Perhaps you will become the next YouTube star and earn millions for featuring ads.

9. Write a blog

In order to get a lot of Internet traffic, starting your own blog is a great activity. You can write about whatever topic you want. Customize it with pictures, videos, effects, and interesting titles. To make it popular, share your blog with friends.

10. Learn to cook a new recipe

Search the Internet for your favorite dish or a recipe that you have never created before. Follow a cookbook, instruction video, or Google Home and make it. The meal does not have to be a fancy dinner (unless you are preparing it for someone or a large group) since you can aremake lunch for yourself. Mix it up and try to create a well-balanced meal. If everything goes well you can share the recipe and even make it again for family and friends during holidays or special occasions.

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