10 Things Theater Majors Are Tired Of Hearing
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10 Things Theater Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

Thank you, for telling me that I will never get a job, I really appreciate it.

10 Things Theater Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

As an incoming freshman theater studies major, I have already heard most of these things multiple times. Every time someone asks me what I am going to school for I feel terrified of what their reaction is going to be. There is so much stigma surrounding the concept of attending college for an art major. And so much of it is just simply incorrect. Yes, theater is a competitive field. Yes, it is not a "practical" field that is "essential." However, there are more opportunities for careers in the arts than you may think.

1. “You’ll never make any money.”

Wow! I've never heard that before! News flash, none of us got into this for the money. We have all been told that there is no money in theater over and over again. If that would have made us give up, we wouldn't be here. (And there are more jobs in theater than you may think!)

2. “Wow, so you must want to be on Broadway!”

While I would certainly love to be on Broadway, I don't necessarily anticipate that happening, nor is it my ultimate goal. There is so much theater out there besides Broadway.

3. “How will you do anything with that degree?”

While this is a competitive field, there are so so many jobs that go into putting on a singular piece of theater, creating so many more jobs in the theater industry than many people understand. Additionally, the skills you learn while working towards a theater degree will serve you in any career field.

4. “What’s your backup plan?”

What's yours? Read previous explanation.

5. “I bet that you’re going to move to LA or New York City.”

There is so much theater going on all across the country, with booming theater scenes in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and others.

6. “Oh, so, you’re an actor?”

While I do love performing, that's actually not what I'm really majoring in as a theater studies major. I'm concentrating in dramaturgy and directing, as well as dipping my toes into other aspects of theater. There is so much more to theater than just acting, and many theater majors actually don't really perform at all, as there are so many different theater programs focusing on different facets of the theater industry.

7. “Wow, you picked an easy major!”

This is such a common misconception. But theater majors often have the most packed of schedules, their days stretching from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. with classes and rehearsals, have intense reviews and juries to determine if they can continue to advance through the program, and had to probably work 10 times harder to get into the program than you did to get into the school.

8. “Well, I hope you enjoy waiting tables!”

Again, I haven't heard that one before! Thank you for pointing out the most common theater stereotype out there!

9. “Are your parents disappointed?”

...No, of course not. And why is that any of your business?

10. “You’re so smart! You could have done so much more!”

...I don't know if you were trying to compliment me, but that most certainly is NOT a compliment. And, for the record, I think that this is a pretty damn good use of my skills, thank you.

The concept that a theater degree is a waste of time couldn't be more wrong. Not only are there far more career opportunities in the world of theater than you may think, a theater degree will also provide you with skills that are transferable to any career field. You will learn how to express your thoughts and ideas clearly, how to work as a team, how to present yourself confidently and professionally, and so so much more. Don't underestimate the value of a theater degree. It could be the greatest education you could ever get.

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