9 Things You Realize When You Leave Philadelphia
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9 Things You Realize When You Leave Philadelphia

"See this is why I don't leave Philly. You leave Philly and bad sh*t happens." - Charlie Day

9 Things You Realize When You Leave Philadelphia
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I was born and raised in South Philadelphia, so I have been used to living in this wonderful city my entire life. When I went off to college, I thought I wanted a change, so I picked a university that was in an amish county in the middle of nowhere. I quickly realized how strange it was to no longer be living in the city, and definitely had a hard time adjusting at first.

Night life doesn’t exist


Why does everything close before 8pm? Where are all the places to go to dance?? I was so used to everything being 24/7 that when I went to the suburbs for the first time I was seriously confused. Where am I supposed to get food at 4am?? Sheetz??? Eff that.

“Philly” Cheesesteaks are anything but


Other people's version of Philly cheesesteaks aren't even close once you've experienced the real thing. Nothing is better than cheese whiz "wit" onions from your favorite place.

Everything is far away


The fact that you can't just hop on the broad street line and be somewhere else in under twenty minutes should be illegal.

You are definitely the loudest person in the room


Dealing with loud noises of the hustle and bustle of the city has left you constantly feeling like you need to yell over everyone else.

It’s quiet… too quiet..


Falling asleep in the perfectly quiet pitch black was a serious adjustment when I went away from Philly for college.

Other people don’t cross the street whenever they want to


I feel like this one is self explanatory.



I was APPALLED when I started talking about how I was excited for the annual Mummer's parade, and NOT ONE person in my friend group at the time knew what I was talking about. I sounded like a crazy person trying to explain it.

You have an accent


My first month of college, all of my friends made fun of me for pronouncing water like wood-er.

Other people think they are from Philly


Me: I'm from Philly

Them: Me too!

Me: Oh my god! Where? North? South? West?

Them: *says a place forty five minutes outside of the city*

There is nothing better than seeing the Philadelphia skyline as you cross over the bridge to come home. This place may be a little crazy at times, but it is my favorite place in the world.

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